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Traveling? Be Frugal, NOT Cheap

If you’re traveling the concept of money will always be an issue. Sometimes people don’t pay attention but they are still subconsciously at some budget level. If they weren’t the entire event would be with private chauffeur and masseuse complete with Learjet and leisure suit. Instead, traveling becomes a never-ending mission of striking bargains and taking advantage of promos. In many cases, though, the cheapest and most convenient option isn’t always the best. When traveling it’s better to be frugal, not cheap.

Being frugal and being cheap are two concepts that are often used interchangeably in the tourism world. The line between them gets blurred because both aim to save money. However, the truth is, they’re quite the opposite of each other. A cheap traveler spends less, while a frugal traveler spends smarter. The former tries to shell out as little as possible, while the latter tries to get the best deal. Cheapness looks at the price. Frugality looks at the value.

There’s no shame in being a little stingy. Everyone tries to stretch their budget on the road. However, it shouldn’t compromise the quality of your experience. Cut corners where you can and cut out what doesn’t matter to you while indulging in what does. It’s your vacation or trip… Whether it lasts 3 weeks or 3 years, make it memorable times and get out there and enjoy the scene. Eventually the trip will end and it’s the peaks you remember as the experiences fade into your rear view the whole affair becomes a distant yet fond memory.

Be frugal, find the most efficient way you can to navigate wherever it is your going but don’t be cheap. If you’re a frequent flyer, you can use or sell your United miles to score deals for your flight, car rental, hotel accommodation, and even shopping. That alone can take away a lot of your worries when it comes to making travel arrangements and allocating your budget. It’s all about prioritizing your spending so you can get the most out of your time and money.

Being cheap not only cheats the fine vendors you meet on the streets selling shakes and meat but cheapens your experience while limiting potential acquaintances or friends made. Spend a little on what makes you happy, live a little as there is no better time or place to let the universe work its magic in favor of that who decided to do something well in a most uncommon a location.

What good is traveling if it means living like a homeless person in an unfamiliar land? Of course, it’s never easy to let go of your hard-earned money. So, when you do, make sure to make it count. You’ll never get that potential night in Bucharest back or that chance to sky dive over Seattle or go on safari in the Serengeti but you’ll always have the opportunity to have a quiet night in upon your return or skip something you may have realized you don’t even want while you’re away.

Can’t remember how much it cost but the private tour of the Mekong Delta was considerably more expensive than the common trips offered through booking agents and life in Vietnam. We decided to go for it as the opportunity arose, we were in Vietnam and it was one of most memorable parts with crazy moto traffic, a Mekong Delta tour, eating rats and eating a still beating king cobra heart

Anything can happen when jet fuel is added to the right foreign fires…

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