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Visa Information by Countries Passport

In the last update, I notified you about how I booked a flight to Vietnam, only to find out I needed to jump through some hoops and at least plan somewhat in advance to get a visa before entering. This update is about visa information by your countries passport. I will note that if you are more of a “planning type” securing these documents from your home country before departing may be the easiest route.

I did some research and found a tone of websites with information, the problem is they are all commercial. They are all trying to sell visas and the like. As a result, I view them as biased. When I want information, especially for something as serious as global travel, I’d like more specialized and objective information. It only makes sense, yes?

Wikipedia is by no means a bible but it’s a great start.

Canadian Passport Information

The URL is:

If you are from another country, merely replace “Canadian” with your countries name.

Once you have gone there, then search through the official embassy site to make certain the information you read is correct. It’s only prudent and well worth the negligible time investment required.

I will say this, I can’t believe that out of the ~187 countries Canadians can visit, I opted for one that requires special prearranged documents. Air Asia will not refund the ticket, only push it back. I do not have that kind of time and seeing as the flight was a steal of a deal, I just booked an even cheaper one to Phuket, Thailand. The flight was ~$50us and leaves a day later than my previous booking. The previous ticket is a write-off and lesson learned.

From there, I’ve found other flights to Bangkok at even cheaper prices. It was cheaper to fly to Phuket then Bangkok a few days later than straight to Bangkok. Odd how that works? You see, if you have endless time and wish to see the world, you can take advantage of this. I will spend a few days in Phuket as I have not been there yet, then head to Bangkok.

Some friends I’ve met traveling are nearby on Koh Phi Phi so I have not booked my second flight yet. Deciding my next move. Either way, if I wish to secure some visa to Vietnam, I do believe I must go to Bangkok.

I trust this helps and hopefully you’ll learn from my mistake, it only takes a minute to verify. Furthermore if you are not from Canada or say New Zealand, then visas are something you should definitely pay careful attention to.

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