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Week of Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The next few days of my life will consist of an overnight ferry and then a mixture of planes, trains and automobiles, seriously. Truth be told, I just wanted to use that phrase and it is also most apropos for my next few days. Hopefully I can find a jolly fellow like John Candy to help make the time pass faster.

Last night I booked a flight from Phuket, Thailand -> Bangkok for ~$60US. Therefor I get to Bangkok from Jakarta for ~$120US which is cheaper than direct from Bali to Bangkok or from Jakarta to Bangkok for that matter. I also get to see Koh Phuket, the only major island I missed  in that area and wanted to see. Crazy how things work out, yes?

Tonight, I take an overnight bus that gets on a ferry leaving here at 5:30PM. I arrive at Probolinggo at 2AM, I then catch a bus from Probo to Cemoro Lawang (base of Mt. Bromo). The bus is ~2 hours if I’m correct so I arrive at Mt. Bromo at dawn. I either arrange transport to go to the real base immediately or pass out or just take photos from there.

From there spend 1 night (maybe) and travel by bus or train to Yogyakata and hang out for New Years and a day before catching a 9 hour train to Jakarta. From there I will fly to Phuket, Thailand and spend ~36-48 hours before catching another flight and arriving in Bangkok at 1am.

As you can see, the next ~week or so of my life will consist primarily of different planes, trains and automobiles. Heck, we even have a boat in their for good measure.

I will hang out in Bangkok for a while and try and secure visas for the rest of Asia. Once you do Laos and Cambodia, the rest require pre-arranged visas for the most part and I can’t think of a better place to “handle business” than Bangkok. It’s also got lightening fast internet so expect many “video updates” from yours truly.

I will miss Bali, I really had a great time here and if I had a ~2-3 month visa I would of used it all up, seriously. However I made a rule that I will not extend visas until I’ve seen the world. I don’t want to get caught up somewhere until I have been everywhere. You see people who had a dream and like one place and get caught there. Sure it gets “comfortable” but it’s when you’re “uncomfortable” that you really grow.

This update feels lackluster and my right hand feels like it’s developing carpal tunnel syndrome or something terrible like that. As a result I will end it here and go back to my hotel to chill with friends until I leave.

Good day,

P.S: Last few nights we’ve had violent rain storms, I hope we do not get one tonight when I’m at sea, I’ve thought of that a few times. Having been on one of the last ferries back before they canceled all further ones from Full Moon party to Koh Tao in Thailand, I ~sorta know what it’s like. When the sea gets angry you do NOT want to be around, let alone in the middle of it.

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