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Travel Plans of the Palm Springs Variety


Kinda slow around here, yes? What can I say, much like vehicles run on gasoline the likes of this blog runs on inspiration. Besides waiting around for my next move in unpleasant weather with much too little stimulus to keep me occupied, have faded into a state of melancholy but it is to be expected, that happens to those who idle. Those who idle waste inspiration like those who idle in their car waste gasoline…

I’ll be going to Palm Springs this week for 3 days. It’s a friends wedding and very much looking forward to the festivities. Will be teeing off with the wedding party on the Friday before the main event, believe it will be one of those “memorable games”. I’ve never been to Palm Springs but can only imagine, as always I won’t spoil it for myself by using google images and you’ll be brought along for the ride, naturally. Would stay longer but my zeal is to discover less worn roads, the USA leaves little mystery in that regard.

After Palm Springs, I’ll be going to XXX for a few days courtesy of the XXX Tourism Board. As excited for this as I am Palm Springs. Never had plans of going to XXX and truth be told, had to use google maps to find it. I know the name just if you were like “put a pin on XXX” I’d be like ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Should be getting tickets soon, this will remain as nothing more than a fantasy until such said tickets have materialized in my possession.

Traveling again soon and in an hours time I’m going downtown to meet the lady who took me out to sushi in Berlin. I will return the favor via egregious quantities of uncooked fish and other things that make the boring conservative type cringe.

Tips hat,

P.S: The weather here in Ottawa sucks.

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