Need Travel Directions? Who Do You Trust!?


So you want to travel the world alone, yes? You’re in luck because it’s not that difficult and you’re sure to meet others on similar paths for temporary friendships and more, that said you’ll need travel directions or something similar from time to time… The reality is that you’ll need to rely on the kindness of strangers from time to time for a multitude of reasons while avoiding total creep shows. Here is the brain dead short form guide to getting the help you need from strangers on the road in 3 easy points…

1) Always pick who you get help from

Scammers and scoundrels look for easy targets, offer to help or go out of their way for no reason for the random tourist who looks lost… In a busy city why is gent X so thrilled to help you, have he no life?

When you pick who will help you, you have infinitely more control. If anything THEY will be slightly apprehensive as in “what does this person want from me?”. This is a much more powerful position for the random traveler, the one you want to be in.

2) Meet up with other travelers

There is no reason not to hook up with other travelers in every sense of the word, ha. Seriously though when you’re traveling, they make the best partners. It’s like 1st day of school, nobody knows anyone and everyone likes some random friendly acquaintances for a long trip.

Just go up and ask something SIMPLE. Can be anything like do you know what time this train leaves, blah blah. More often than not, someone you talk to will also be going to the same place. After a few back and forth pleasantries you’ll know if you have a good vibe together, if so you usually end up rolling together. They make great friends to ‘watch your gear’ or something of the like.

3) What types of people do you ask?

Told you to be the person who asks who you get help from, yes? Now who do you ask? I’ve found in busy downtown areas the best people are random store clerks who look friendly. For starters if they were a creep show, you know where they work now and “retribution” could be paid if they send you astray.

Apart from that my fav are business men at a cross walk. They really have better things to do than try and jack some backpacker and are usually in a hurry. They’ll often give you the directions then want nothing to do with you, not in a bad way just it is what it is.

Perfect for someone to get directions from.

This basically sums it up as this is the brain dead zombie version and it should not need more explanation when discussing travel directions. Basically pick who you get help from to avoid becoming someones mark, gang up with other travelers when moving areas as it’s an increase in safety, fun and decrease in costs. Also when asking people for directions, go to people at established businesses or random people who look like they aren’t interested in you. Another great option is busy people on their way to work.

Tips hat,

P.S: When lost, always walk like you know where you’re going, even if it’s a store for directions.

P.P.S: I’ve never had a map on any of my trips and have gotten “help” from 000’s.

P.P.P.S: This topic isn’t a joke or to be taken lightly, gotta watch your back out there.

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