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Top Travel Tips for Disabled People

Arranging to travel anywhere can be a chore, regardless of ability. For people with disabilities, however, the planning that needs to go into preparing for a trip can take a lot more time and thought. This is because much of the world is not built with disabilities in mind, meaning that obstacles can potentially arise at any point in any place.

If you have a disability and want to travel, being as ready as possible is the key to an enjoyable and relaxing journey. Here are a few tips that should help you make planning easier.

Choose an Inclusive Destination

Some destinations have more to offer guests with disabilities than others, so keep an eye out for more inclusive locations when searching. Hotels with wheelchair accessible bathrooms, more spacious bedrooms, and better access for moving around are best for people who use wheelchairs; although some hotels without these features have suites designed for people who use wheelchairs, too.

Another tip is to check the list of support services for disability that are available in your destination. It is always best to learn more about your possible destination before paying any money so that you have a clear picture of what it will be like once you arrive.

Look for Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is important for anyone planning an overseas trip, but it is especially useful for people with disabilities. When you are covered by an insurer, you don’t need to worry about the costs of possibly having a complication with your disability while you are away from home. Make sure to shop around to find the best deal for you.

Research Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If you are more keen on having a road trip than going overseas, you might prefer to look into the different kinds of adapted and wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) there are available on the market right now. Used WAV cars from can offer more travel freedom and choice to people who use wheelchairs since they provide more security and comfort.

You will know your own needs better than anyone else, so be sure to check all the features and adjustments your prospective car has to offer. This will make your road trip more enjoyable and safe.

Plan Your Medication

If your disability requires you to take regular medication, make sure that you prepare enough of it to last you for the duration of your trip. It is wise to pack extra medication if you are going abroad since travel interruptions can lead to staying for longer than you anticipated, in which case being caught without enough medication could be dangerous.

Contact the Transport Company

If you are planning to travel by plane, it is usually a good idea to call in advance and make them aware of any additional support you might require for your trip, such as wheelchair space, storage, and assistance with mobility. Some airlines are known for being better at catering to the needs of passengers with disabilities than others, so ask ahead of time what they can offer in terms of ways to make your journey safer.

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