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Top 7 Snacks You Should Try

If you are somebody who considers themselves a foodie then instead of spending your time cooking actual meals why don’t you focus on improving your snack game? A lot of people who think of themselves as foodies actually know absolutely nothing about snacks.

At the same time, it is important not to get too addicted to them. Snacks can be very addictive and can therefore be very bad for your health. Consume them moderately and don’t let yourself get addicted. Here are seven snacks you can try as long as you are confident that you are in control of yourself:

CBD Gummies

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a compound found in the Cannabis plant. Scientists have made it very clear over the last few years that it holds a lot of promise as a healthcare treatment. If you are somebody interested in improving their health then it is definitely worth exploring CBD’s benefits and advantages. You can buy gummies that don’t contain any chemicals. Make sure it is legal for you to take it in your state or country before buying any as in some places the chemical’s use is restricted.

Psychedelic Cookies

Psychedelic cookies are not something you will be able to find in American grocery stores or Cannabis dispensaries. In the United States, most psychedelic drugs are outlawed and cannot legally be used. If you want to use psychedelic substances legally then you’ll probably want to go to Europe.

In some parts of Europe, you can use truffles and magic mushrooms without punishment. In fact, in some places, these things are sold openly. If you are going to use psychedelic cookies then make sure that it’s legal for you to do so otherwise you could get yourself into a lot of trouble.

Hallucinogenic Candies

Hallucinogenic candies are a popular treat in parts of Europe. You can of course buy them on the black market here in the United States but this post is in no way condoning illegal drug use. Drug use is only something you should consider if it is legal for you to do.

Bear in mind that using hallucinogens and psychedelics can have negative implications for your mental health. You may want to talk to a physician before you use this kind of substance so that you can make sure it’s safe for you to do so. Attempting to use these kinds of drugs when you are not mentally competent is unsafe.

Sesame Snaps

Moving away from semi-illegal and intoxicating snacks let’s discuss sesame snaps. In the United Kingdom, sesame snaps are a very popular snack. These small, crispy, and delicious sesame bars are also very popular in parts of Asia, most notably China. These snacks can be purchased in most grocery stores or you can make them at home.

If you plan on making them at home then there are an almost endless number of recipes for you to follow online. Make sure you find a reliable one made by somebody who’s an expert in cooking them so you can ensure yours turn out delicious.


Chaat is a popular snack in Asia, particularly in India and Bangladesh. It is a mix of chickpeas, potatoes, crunchy poppadoms, and yogurt. There are many different versions of chaat, however, so if you are interested in trying this snack out do your research and find the one that appeals to you most of all. In addition to doing your research make sure that you buy authentic ingredients from an Asian supermarket. Tamarind sauce is a popular addition to chaat so consider investing in some or making your own.

Sweet Dumplings

In the Caribbean sweet dumplings are very popular. Despite how sweet and sugar they are, these dumplings are usually eaten in combination with savoury dishes like curries. If you have never eaten Caribbean food then this post strongly recommends it. Without a shadow of a doubt, Caribbean food is some of the best in the world.

In stores all over the United States and Europe, you can find authentic Caribbean curries and meals being prepared. Many of these recipes are very simple and you can even prepare them at home if you want to.


Plantain along with sweet dumplings are added to Caribbean meals. Plantain is a banana-like fruit that can be sliced up and fried. It is absolutely delicious although because it is typically fried in oil, it can be oily and is therefore not good for your health in large amounts.  

Learning about new snacks can help you to expand your diet and try new things. If you are somebody with a plain diet then consider the things listed here. The recipes and foods mentioned here are all delicious and are a great way to enhance your diet.

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