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The Pros and Cons of Full-Time RV Living

There are many people today that are tired of having too much. They spend too much time taking care of large homes and not enough on the things that really matter.

That’s led many people to sell their homes and possessions to buy an RV and live on the road. Reports show that over one million Americans now live in their RVs full-time.


Do you think RV living is in the cards and wondering what the pros and cons are? Read the guide below to learn if it’s worth it to purchase an RV and some of the cons that come along with the RV lifestyle.

Pros of RV Living

Living in an RV is a big decision, so understanding its benefits is critical to make an intelligent choice. Check out the pros of van life below to see if they are right for you.

More Mobility

Without a doubt, one of the best pros of living in an RV is mobility. You’re stuck in a single place when you buy a traditional home. Sure, you can sell your home and move — but that takes a lot of time and energy.

The same isn’t true with a recreational vehicle. You can take your RV on the road and drive it to whatever RV site you want. This allows you to live anywhere in the country and not be tied down to your current location.

Fewer Expenses

Yes, you’ll spend a lot of money when you buy an RV — especially if you purchase a larger one with all the bells and whistles. However, the big thing you need to remember is that you don’t have as many of the other home costs.

Many other costs are associated with owning a home, such as property taxes, home maintenance, and other items. While you will have a few extra expenses with an RV, most people will spend less money owning one.

Check out where to purchase a Winnebago to learn more about the costs of owning an RV.

Stay Near Nature

There are countless people tired of living in concrete jungles. They spend their lives away from nature because of their jobs and don’t have enough time to get away.

Living in an RV is one of the ways you can reconnect to nature. Many RV parks are located in parks such as the best rv park in missouri! This means you’ll be close to nature and can go on nature strolls just by stepping outdoors.

Stay Sustainable

One of the things about living in larger spaces is the amount of stuff you accumulate. You tend to grow into the area you live. This means people keep buying more to fill up their homes.

You can’t do this when you buy an RV. Even if you get a higher-end model, you won’t have much space to store everything. This leads people to make more sustainable choices and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Cons of RV Living

Although there are many benefits you’ll see if you decide to live in an RV, it isn’t all good. Below are several cons of RV living that make it not worth the effort for many people.

Regular Maintenance

Maintenance is one problem you can’t overlook when considering living in an RV. Yes, you’ll have regular maintenance when you live in a normal home. However, the type of maintenance an RV needs is different.

This means you’ll have some things to learn to take care of your RV. If not, you’ll need to find reliable RV mechanics wherever you travel to get the help you need to keep your RV in great shape. Additionally, when the maintenance fees of your RV get too much, you can sell it here anytime.

Lack of Services

Although getting out into nature is a great way to change things up, you also do so at the expense of access to the world. You can find some internet services and amenities at an RV park. But if you want to find a store to pick up something, go out to a restaurant, or anything else, you’ll have a big trip ahead of you.

You’ll have to consider if this is fine with you. You’ll need to be able to do without a city’s amenities when you live in an RV. Try taking a test run in an RV rental before buying to see how RV life works for you.

Budgeting Issues

Even though you will save money living in an RV, you have another set of budgeting concerns when on the road. If you plan to be on the road and move between locations regularly, you have to contend with price differences in those areas.

One of the biggest areas you see this is with fuel prices. Gas prices can change significantly in different areas, so you may need to alter your budget based on where you’re going. You can be caught off guard when you see higher prices if you don’t do your due diligence with budgeting when traveling.

Close Neighbors

Some people want to get away from other people when they move out of the city. This works great if you move to a rural area that doesn’t have a high population. But that won’t be the case when you live in an RV.

In most cases, you’ll live in an RV park. These parks have RVs parked in close proximity, which means you’ll be close to others. This won’t be ideal if you want your space.

Research Carefully Before You Purchase an RV

RV living is the dream for many people. You get to escape from the rat race in the city and live in nature with other like-minded people. However, there is more to RV living than meets the eye.

This means you must consider the pros and cons of living in an RV. Now that you’ve read the information above, you should have what you need to make an informed decision.

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