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Top 5 Benefits of Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing You Should Know

Cabinets are a vital component of any bathroom. They provide storage space for toiletries and towels while contributing to the room’s overall aesthetic.

If your cabinets are outdated or damaged, consider replacing them. However, you can save time and money by refinishing your cabinets instead.

Bathroom Cabinet

Refreshes the Look of Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a busy area where many items, including toiletries and towels, are stored. It’s also where people get ready to face the day: hair, makeup, and clothes. Over time, this can cause cabinets to become damaged, grimy, and outdated.

Thankfully, bathroom cabinet refinishing is a simple and affordable solution to give your bathroom a fresh look. Unlike replacing your cabinets, this process only requires painting and doesn’t involve throwing away the original materials.

Using a quality primer and allowing adequate dry time before refinishing your cabinets is essential. Also, test your paint color on a small cabinet section before proceeding with the entire project. This process will guarantee a smooth conclusion and prevent any unforeseen outcomes.

Adds Value to Your Home

Cabinets in the bathroom are subject to a lot of use and abuse. Because they store various products prone to spilling and are often touched, they can become damaged or worn over time. Refinishing your cabinets allows you to reinvent their look and refresh the space without going through the expensive process of replacing them altogether.

Your home will look better and sell more quickly if you give it a fresh coat of paint. Bathrooms are one of the rooms that can have the most significant impact on resale value.

The first step is preparing your cabinets by washing and sanding them. It’s essential to choose a primer suitable for your cabinets and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on drying times.

Increases the Functionality of Your Bathroom

Cabinets in the bathroom provide storage for toiletries, towels, and cleaning supplies. They also help keep the countertops free of clutter, making it easier to wipe down the counters. Cabinets in the bathroom can also offer an extra spot to store unused items like hair brushes, makeup, and accessories.

When it comes to bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of different styles and options. New trends include furniture-look cabinets on the wall without legs for a more modern look. These can add a more personal touch to your bathroom and give the space a fresh, clean, and custom look.

Refinishing your bathroom cabinets is a great way to update them. It can be done in a fraction of the time and cost of replacing them with a new style. It requires stripping and repainting with paint that can withstand moisture, such as an oil-based or acrylic high-adhesion primer.

Saves You Money

From a practical standpoint, cabinets are an excellent way to keep daily toiletries, towels, and other items organized and easily accessible. They can also help reduce clutter around the sink and prevent items from getting lost or broken.

Cabinets in the bathroom must withstand a lot of wear and tear, from frequent opening and closing to being constantly exposed to moisture and water splashes. Over time, even the best-crafted cabinets can begin to look shabby and need a refresh.

Rather than replace your cabinets entirely, refill them to give them a fresh look. This process is typically much less expensive than removing and replacing the existing cabinets and can still provide the same aesthetic effect. It also helps reduce waste by reusing the cabinet boxes and hardware already in place.

Saves You Time

Cabinets are a practical addition to any bathroom. They help reduce clutter and make it easy to reach items like towels, hair products, toiletries, and spare toothbrushes. They also help to maximize limited space in small bathrooms.

Remove the cabinet hardware, including hinges and handles, to prepare for refinishing cabinets. Next, cover the surrounding area with drop cloths or old sheets to protect it from drips and spills.

Finally, clean the surfaces of the cabinets using trisodium phosphate (TSP) or a less-toxic alternative. This will remove grease and grime from the characters and prep them for painting. When done, allow the cabinet surfaces to dry completely before reinstalling them in your bathroom. Aim for light coats of paint to achieve the most even finish.

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