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The Latest Trends in Custom Shed Designs

Sheds aren’t just for storage anymore. They’re a place to work, play, and even serve as full-blown second homes.

The shelving holds garden tools and a potting bench, while open shelves and patterned flooring add imagination to this shed-turned-art studio.

Prefab and ready-built sheds are options, but investigate whether they require extra finishing work. Also, consider logistics and feasibility — can you get it to your yard?

custom shed

Minimalist Design

Sheds are not just about storing tools; they’re becoming a place to pursue hobbies and relaxation. Encourage your customers to use a shed as an office or studio by offering a range of design options.

A skillion roof is perfect for a minimalist look, incorporating horizontal cladding that evokes corrugated iron. Glass sliding doors offer indoor-outdoor flow, enhancing the modern industrial trend. Steel colors reflect these aesthetics.

Sheds can be used as a yoga studio or art workshop, with open shelves for recent projects and supplies. Adding a potting bench and a pottery wheel can make the space feel like an artsy oasis. Adding a porch for outdoor seating will encourage your customers to entertain friends and family in their shed.


As more people live in smaller homes, sheds are often used for multiple purposes. They may serve as a workshop, a storage area or a playhouse for children.

The shed builder helps customers design a functional shed by considering the items they plan to store and how much space is needed for each item. Also, ask them to consider using shed accessories like wall hangers, shelving and other storage helpers.

A growing trend in shed designs is a she shed, designed as a girls’ retreat for activities such as reading, crafting, gardening and exercising. Encourage your customers to consider adding a porch to their shed so they can enjoy their backyard with family and friends. They can even host parties in their shed with a picnic table, chairs, mini-fridge and refreshments.

Outdoor Space

While most sheds are still used for storage, consumers find unique ways to make them multipurpose spaces. Some are using them as studios, offices and schoolrooms.

Various customization options help your customers make their sheds more functional and attractive. Colorful siding and paint add interest, and cladding styles like skillion roofs provide a stylish industrial look.

Sheds can also be built to accommodate hobbies and crafts, like painting, pottery or crocheting. Encourage your customers to use their sheds as gathering places by adding seating, a mini-fridge, lighting and more to create a fun space for the family and friends. Sheds can even serve as a place to watch sports on Sunday night!


Whether customers want to turn their shed into an office or homeschooling space, the structure must meet privacy needs. Shed home offices can be more comfortable with rugs and wall art to create a more enticing workspace and boost productivity.

A shed can also be reimagined as an entertainment venue by adding bar stools and a cozy fireplace. This will provide a relaxing space to enjoy your backyard and may encourage more family gatherings.

Sheds can also be built to meet regional needs, like bike storage in the South or fishing sheds in the North. Sheds can be customized to serve as a chicken coop or dog house. This can provide a niche sales opportunity for your business.


Sheds aren’t just for keeping rusty lawn tools or bikes in, and they’re becoming the ultimate entertaining space. There’s a trend of homeowners turning their sheds into their very own restaurants.

Using metal cladding on your shed is a good way to tap into the industrial design trend, and there are many colors to choose from, including metallic shades like BASALT(tm), SHALE GREY(tm) or WALLABY(tm). Alternatively, use prepainted, rust-resistant metal that doesn’t require painting.

Adding a skylight is another way to add an industrial aesthetic to your shed and helps illuminate the space naturally. This reduces electricity bills and is a sustainable option for lighting your shed. It also looks great with reclaimed timber or other natural materials. Adding a solar panel will also allow you to use the sun for energy, reducing your carbon footprint.

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