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Tips to Travel in Comfort With Portable Weighted Blanket Options

Being comfortable while traveling is challenging to accomplish. Traveling usually makes people anxious and nervous, often contributing to stress, and trying to be comfortable gets lost in the mix. 

Anger is another mood that comes up during travel when dealing with flight delays and cancelations, bad traffic, and working to keep children entertained and occupied. It makes for a long day, and you feel like tearing your hair out!

However, with a weighted blanket, applying that pressure therapy to your body is highly beneficial in relieving the stress and anxiety you may be feeling. Weighted blankets often feel like a warm hug and can help put many of those stresses at ease. You’ll feel calmer and less likely to stress out when obstacles or interruptions arise during your travels.

But how could you bring such a helpful tool while traveling? It certainly can’t be a great idea to carry extra pounds of weight in your suitcase or carry-on bag.

With the trend of weighted blankets rising in popularity, there are many options for ones you may be able to bring with you when you travel. Here are some great tips to help you travel comfortably with more portable weighted blanket options.

Are Weighted Blankets a Personal Item?

Most flights allow you to bring a carry-on item (usually a backpack or a small bag) and one personal item. People often use their wallets, clutches, mini backpacks or bags, or purses as personal items. However, in some cases, you can pack your purse in your carry-on and bring your weighted blanket as that personal item.

You should always check with your airline or travel brand to ensure this can be done. Having your weighted blanket as a personal item is a great alternative and an easy way to bring your weighted blanket along because of two big reasons:

  • You don’t have to worry about the extra weight contributing to the need to pay for a suitcase or bag that’s over the average 50 lb. limit (which can be very costly if you want to bring it), and
  • You don’t have to try and find room in your suitcase or bag to fit it, especially if you’re trying to pack in just a carry-on or overnight bag, where a weighted blanket might not work and keep it light.

Your blanket is allowed through the security checkpoint, so you don’t have to worry about it going through screening. 

Weighted Blankets and Alternatives

Looking for weighted blanket alternatives or those specifically geared for traveling can be helpful. Being comfortable and finding portability while ensuring you keep that pressure or touch therapy that helps relieve your travel stress is essential, especially during certain times of the year when travel is at its peak.

Here is a weighted blanket and alternative options to try when traveling.

Weighted Blankets for Travel

There are many options for blankets that are lighter weight and stretchy and can provide the compression you desire that a weighted blanket does without the added weight, such as the Sleep Pod.

The sleep pod is more of a cocoon-style swaddle and doesn’t use weight. It’s a wearable blanket you wrap around yourself that compresses to relieve your anxiety. It’s very light and compact, so it’s the perfect portable blanket for travel.

Another option you could try is the Bearaby travel blanket. Their travel napper is available in 6, 8, or 10 lbs and is created to be portable. It comes in its own little duffel bag that you can easily pack away in a suitcase or carry-on bag.

Weighted Pillow for Travel

Other solutions include investing in a hug pillow, a weighted pillow specifically made for travel. Unlike a blanket, this is far more portable and small, and it doesn’t create the added heat that a blanket can, so if you don’t enjoy being swaddled or getting hot, you can just bring this huggable pillow to provide the pressure therapy you need for a more comfortable trip.

Compression Socks for Travel

One last option to explore is wearing and bringing compression socks for your travel. They work to put some graduated pressure on your legs and feet, much like a weighted blanket would, so long periods of sitting or standing are far more comfortable. They reduce swelling and help keep your blood circulating for more energy and rejuvenated muscles. And, of course, they are much easier to transport.

Travel Stress-Free

It’s no surprise that traveling in comfort is far more preferred over the stress of delays and long journeys. When you’re uncomfortable, it can cause tensions to rise and go beyond the anxieties of your trip. You feel the pressure of what’s ahead of you more daunting than enjoyable.

Rather than blow a gasket, invest in a good travel weighted blanket, pillow, or socks to keep you calm, cool, and collected. You won’t regret taking the time to combat your stress with a weighted blanket option.

With comfort, you can ensure that your trip will be enjoyed; rather than coming off a plane or out of a car feeling exhausted, you can jump into your itinerary and have fun. Having pressure therapy to travel in comfort can help you feel your best, so you’re ready to take on the world!

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