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How an HVAC Contractor Can Help With Air Ducts

If you live in the Olympia area and need help with your home’s HVAC air ducts, an experienced HVAC contractor Olympia WA can provide a variety of valuable services. Proper ductwork helps ensure your heating and cooling system runs efficiently, keeping your house comfortable all year long. Read on to learn all the ways an HVAC pro can assist with air ducts.

How an HVAC Contractor Can Help With Air Ducts

Inspect Ductwork

An HVAC technician will start by thoroughly inspecting your existing ductwork during a maintenance visit or if you’re having an issue with your system. They check for leaks, blockages, disconnected ducts, damaged areas, and other problems that make your system work harder to push out heated or cooled air. An inspection gives the contractor a complete picture of what shape your ducts are in.

Seal Air Leaks

One of the most common duct issues in homes is air leaks. Gaps in joints, disconnected pipes, holes, and other openings let conditioned air escape. This makes your system run longer to reach the desired temperature, wasting energy and money. An experienced HVAC company has the tools and knowledge to locate and seal duct leaks using mastic, metal tape, and other durable solutions.

Clear Blockages

Over time, dust, pet hair, insulation particles, and other debris can accumulate inside your air ducts. Narrow passages also sometimes get crushed or bent. These blockages mean fewer open air paths for heated or cooled air to flow freely. An HVAC technician has snaking tools they can send down ducts to dislodge built-up dirt and access awkward areas to straighten out passages. Removing obstructions and opening up airways makes airflow much smoother.

Repair Damaged Ducts

If critters, moisture, normal wear and tear, or other issues cause visible damage to your ductwork, repairs may be necessary. An HVAC contractor can patch holes, fix detached segments that disrupt airflow, replace rusted metal sheets, and perform other duct repairs. Addressing damaged areas of ductwork helps maximize system performance and longevity.

Install New Ductwork

Sometimes fixing existing ducts isn’t enough, and a whole new system is needed. Installing a complete, well-designed set of ducts tailored to your home ensures even air distribution to all rooms. An HVAC company removes old inefficient ductwork and replaces it with smooth, leak-free pipes and vents sized and positioned for optimal temperature control and energy efficiency.

Add Insulation

Uninsulated ducts in unheated spaces like attics, basements and crawlspaces lose a lot of energy as heated or cooled air flows through them. An HVAC technician can neatly wrap external duct insulation around your existing ductwork. Insulation acts as a barrier to prevent conditioned air from losing heat or cold before exiting vents into living areas. This helps your system run less to maintain comfortable temps.

Increase Ventilation

Today’s super-tight home construction often lacks sufficient ventilation air flow to remove indoor pollution and replenish fresh air. An experienced HVAC contractor Olympia WA homeowners trust can install supplemental ventilation through your existing ductwork. Powered duct fans boost whole-house air exchange for better air quality.

By taking advantage of these duct-related services from a professional HVAC company, you can boost system performance, lower energy bills, and breathe healthier indoor air. Contact a top-rated Olympia HVAC contractor today to schedule an inspection, repairs or upgrades.

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