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The Red Flags You Should Look for In an Uber Driver

You probably rely on taxis to get you home after a night out or an appointment. If you need a reliable cab service for getting home, you could call Uber. But recently, Uber drivers have also caused many accidents due to inexperience and many other reasons.

Check out these red flags that should serve as an alarm for anyone planning to use the services of an Uber driver. When you’re a victim of an accident, there’s a good chance you’ll be hit with medical bills, property damage, and lost wages. After an Uber accident, the first thing you should do is check for any injuries.

If you or anyone else is hurt, call 911 immediately. Once you have ensured that everyone is safe, you can begin to collect information about the accident. Once the dust has settled, call an Uber accident lawyer and let them know about your situation, and ask for their help in claiming compensation.

Many people have a bad experience regarding their Uber rides. However, people can avoid such rides if they don’t miss the following obvious red flags when booking their rides;

Lack of Feedback

While many passengers leave feedback for riders, a large number do not. Although this may not seem like a big deal, it can be if you are in urgent need of a ride. If a driver has no feedback, you will have no way of knowing how reliable they are or if they will show up at all. The reason for this is simple: Uber drivers have a rating system that determines how many rides they receive per month.

Canceled Rides

Another red flag for an Uber ride is if the driver cancels on you. Sometimes, the driver will ask you to cancel the ride and will insist you pay them directly instead of paying via Uber. This is a major red flag. You should never cancel the ride. In case of an accident in such situations, Uber insurance will not cover your damages. In addition, these drivers’ intentions might be to scam you.

Disrespect or Rudeness

Uber has a rating system that allows riders to rate their drivers. However, they also have a 14-day grace period in which they have to rate the ride. If a driver shows disrespect or rudeness to you, it is an alarm. While it is not a guarantee that the driver will do the same to his next rider, it is a warning sign that should be heeded.

It is important to remember that Uber drivers are real people. They are not robots that are consistently rude. Instead, they are probably going through their own trials and tribulations and may be in a bad mood that day. Therefore, be respectful and do not engage in an argument with the driver.

Conmen as Uber Drivers

The last red flag for an Uber ride is if the driver is trying to scam you. This is the most dangerous red flag of all and can result in serious consequences. If a driver is trying to scam you, they are likely to ask you to pay a fee before bringing you to your destination. If you are not aware of the scam, you could get robbed or assaulted.

It is important to remember that Uber drivers are not taxi drivers and do not have the same power and authority that a taxi driver does. Therefore, if a driver is trying to scam you, call the police and report them.

Red flags are warning signs that should serve as alarms for anyone planning to use the services of an Uber driver. If a driver does not have feedback, cancels a ride, does not show up in an identifiable car, or is disrespected or rude to a rider, that is an alarm. Ride-sharing applications might be convenient, but you must safeguard yourself by being a bit smarter and more pragmatic in your approach.

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