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How to Create an Outdoor Living Area in Your Garden

A thoughtfully designed garden can act as an outdoor extension to your home. 

In the following guide, we’ve outlined just how you can create an inviting outdoor area that leaves a lasting impression.

Why create a social area in your garden? 

Simple renovations can transform your garden from a simple, neglected lawn to an incredible outdoor space. Furthermore, spending time in outdoor natural environments can improve your health – both mentally and physically.

Whether you use these dedicated areas for social occasions, special dinners or purely to relax with friends and family, having an extra space to socialise in is well worth the effort.

  1. Install decking

Decking is a platformed area, usually made using wood. Installing decking could be a fantastic idea for families with young children, posing a safer choice than hard patio slaps. Additionally, decking works well to add structure to a garden on a gradient, where sloped lawn might not be practical.

  • How do you install decking?

Firstly, you’ll need to choose the right type of wood – weather resistant tough woods are more sensible. Using an angle grinder to make precise cuts to the wood, you’ll need to fix the boards together with sturdy brackets and screws. 

Make sure to add support beams under the decking to create a solid base, then paint and varnish to give it a protective coating. It’s important to understand the basics of woodwork in order to prepare your new decking for a lifetime of durability.

  1. Choose paving instead

Paving is when numerous slabs are placed alongside one another to create a tiled patio effect. This can be attractive and stylish, offering a great deal of flexibility for homeowners.

Paving is long-lasting and hard-wearing, so it makes a wonderful choice if you’re looking for an outdoor surface to stand the test of time. It’s used for sociable outdoor areas and provides a fantastic blank canvas for garden furniture, plants, and decorations.

  • How do you install paving?

You’ll firstly need to get a range of paving slabs, then clear and level the area below the paving to ensure the area is flat. After that, you should add sand bedding, and then you can lay paving stones onto the levelled sand – using concrete under the slabs to hold them in position.

The final step will then be adding grout in between each slab. 

We’d recommend completing this process in dry weather, if possible. Paving slabs can be heavy, so don’t be hesitant to find a professional contractor if you’re worried about injuring yourself.

  1. Decorations

Make sure to add your favourite outdoor furniture sets complete with tables and chairs. With the correct furniture, you can use your patio or decking for relaxing outdoors. 

High quality outdoor furniture sets can come at a price – but you should try to see it as an investment for you and your family.

  1. Lighting

Lastly, don’t forget the lighting!

If you have a creative eye, installing light fixtures in the right places can help your outdoor social space to become immediately more atmospheric. Strung fairy lights, spotlights and antique brass lanterns could all make characterful additions to your garden.

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