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The Only Guide You’ll Need to Find the Best Social Security Attorney

In any social security disability claim, you need a disability lawyer to succeed. Without a lawyer, it will be tough to push your arguments through. Many people have tried filing such claims without lawyers, only for them to fail.

However, choosing a disability attorney can be confusing. There are very many of them, but you need to find the right one for your case. In this article, you’ll learn how to choose the best social security attorney.

1. Social Security Attorney Experience

In every industry, experience is a factor that you should always incorporate. Experienced experts understand their practice in detail. They are not like amateurs who are learning on-the-job.

In case of a disability claim, work with experienced attorneys like those at It will give you have an edge over the defendant because your lawyers have handled similar cases before.

An experienced lawyer knows the necessary documentation, what needs to be said, and what should be avoided. With an experienced lawyer, there is a higher chance you will succeed.

2. Choose a Local Lawyer

You might be fascinated by out-of-state lawyers. The TV commercials might have influenced your decision. However, this is a huge mistake.

Out-of-town lawyers may lack the best understanding of the local practices. They may not know the local social security offices. To make the matter worse, they will not be meeting with you.

To succeed in a disability claim, you need to get the best local attorney available, so that you have a good chance at getting the outcome you want. If you do not have one to go over your case with, it is important you do your research to find a professional that matches your requirements. An experienced Florida Social Security Disability Attorney, or one within your location, would have an unmatched understanding of the local practices and you’ll be meeting them regularly to plan your case.

3. Attorney Credentials

You don’t need a licensed lawyer to represent you in disability hearings. The law does not stipulate that you need a lawyer in such cases. This is a loophole that many people have been exploiting, but only for them to end up losing their claims.

If you want to succeed, avoid cutting corners. Working with just anyone might save you money. However, it will be tough for you to succeed.

Go for an attorney with credentials. We are looking for licensing as a basic necessity. Having someone who has a detailed understanding of social security laws is a step in the right direction.

4. Analyze Approval Rates

Before choosing your social security lawyer, you need to analyze their approval rates. Successful lawyers have very high approval rates.

Approval rates should constitute both full and partial benefits. You also need to understand the approval rates for cases at the hearing levels. Through such analysis, you will get detailed data of the lawyers you want to work with.

A good lawyer will be willing to share their statistics. Anyone who does not share their approval rates is not worth giving your case.

5. Know Who Will Handle Your Case

If you are working with a law firm, understand who will handle your case. Law firms have very many lawyers and they share the legal duties available to them.

In such cases, you might fail to know the person handling your case.

It is good to know the person handling your case for easier communication. Besides, you two are now a team. You need to get familiar with one another.

6. Consider Honest Lawyers

Some lawyers will always promise success. In the legal industry, this is unfair and unethical. No disability lawyer should guarantee success in any dispute.

An honest disability attorney should review all the facts presented and provide an honest opinion. However, they should promise to do the best to get approvals.

In addition, your lawyer should not promise to get approvals quickly. They do not have control of the legal process. Nevertheless, they should present all the necessary documents needed to get fast approval.

7. Read Attorney’s Profile in Nolo’s Directory

Nolo is an excellent resource for those looking for lawyers. It is a directory that contains profiles of all practicing lawyers.

It is an excellent place to cross-check what the lawyer has already told you. From this directory, you will know the experience of a lawyer judging by the cases they have previously handled.

Nolo will also highlight the negative aspects of the lawyer. You can get some essential information about their history in legal practice. You’ll also get to know if they have been involved in any scam.

8. Access to Your Attorney

Lawyers spend much of their time in hearings. It is not uncommon to find it hard to speak with your attorney. Therefore, you should not be put off if it gets hard to speak with your disability lawyer.

However, any good law company will create an appointment for you to speak with your lawyer. You can also get an opportunity to speak with other staff in the agency. Attorney’s time might be constrained, but they should address your concerns.

Sometimes it might be tough to communicate with your lawyer. In such instances, move to another disability lawyer.

9. Putting You First

As a disabled person, your case needs immediate attention. You need finances to cater to your needs. Therefore, you need a lawyer who puts you first.

Unfortunately, this is not a very common aspect in the legal industry. Lawyers handle even five cases at the same time. This may put you at a disadvantage.

You need to get clarification as to whether you will be given priority. Select lawyers who are ready to consider you first.

10. Look for Professionalism and Courtesy

The legal industry is very professional. Only professional and courteous individuals succeed in this industry. Therefore, your disability lawyer should demonstrate professionalism to you.

They should address you professionally. A person shouting at you, arriving late for a scheduled meeting, or not looking at you is not professional.

Professionalism also has to do with the places where you’re meeting. If your disability attorney is scheduling meetings in pubs, you need to leave them.

11. Case Management Practices

Disability firms are always busy. It is very hard to get information about your case. That is why it is necessary to understand the case management practices in such entities.

You should have access to information about your case anytime. As such, you need to have a case manager. This is the person you will be calling when in need.

The case manager should communicate to you all the details regarding your case and handle your documents.

12. Ask for References

Sometimes doing research alone may not get you the best results. It is always good to bring an extra person. They might have some experience with attorneys.

That is why you need to speak with individuals who have previously interacted with an attorney. Such individuals will direct you to some of the best lawyers. They have already worked with such attorneys, and they know how they handle cases.

For references, it is good to rely on trusted people. Your close friends and family members are the best when it comes to recommendations. Avoid strangers as they may act as marketing experts for their close friends practicing law.

13. Check the Fees

Social security claims have a specific fee structure. Therefore, you should always expect to be charged below a particular maximum. In such a situation, you already have the possible fees in your mind.

However, not all lawyers follow existing legal fee structures. They have their independent fees, which is a good thing because it allows you to negotiate.

Open legal charges might open exploitation opportunities. Some lawyers might charge unreasonable fees.

Avoid lawyers who will not disclose their legal fees. They can ambush you with huge figures after approvals. It is also worth understanding the structure for paying such fees.

14. Special Understanding of Your Case

Every social security claim is different. Therefore, an independent solution and approach are needed for each case. Your medical condition is obviously different from those of others.

In such cases, your attorney needs to understand your case. Some disability claims are tough to handle. The medical condition might be very complex.

Ask whether your attorney understands your particular condition. Work with experts who have handled similar cases in the past. Also, analyze their approval ratings in extraordinary social security claims.

Are You Looking for a Disability Lawyer?

Your social security attorney will influence your success rate. By incorporating the factors discussed above, it will be easier to get the best lawyer. As you can see, you should not leave anything to chance.

Leaving some aspects out will only make matters worse. Remember your social security case can determine your financial well-being. Pay attention to details to achieve success.

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