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5 Signs You Need a Flat Roof Replacement

Your flat roof has served you well, what with all the parties you’ve been throwing up there. Or maybe you own a commercial building whose roof has been reliable for almost 20 years now. 

While they do possess some great characteristics, flat roofs tend to leak in ways that sloped roofs don’t. If you start to notice changes on the surface, how can you tell if it’s time to replace the entire thing or just repair it?

Making this kind of decision can be nerve-wracking. Use this guide to learn the signs that warrant a flat roof replacement.

signs you need a roof replacement

1. Age

Flat roofs need to be replaced every 20-25 years depending on the material. If you know the age and it’s been about 20 years or so, go ahead and inspect it to know for sure if a replacement is needed. If you don’t know the age of the roof, you can look for visual signs. 

2. Pooling

“Pooling” is defined as a condition when the water remains on your flat roof for at least 48 hours. This is going to be your biggest red flag when making an assessment. Standing water can shorten your roof’s lifespan and even cause structural damage to the building itself.

3. Large Rips in Roof Material

Keep an eye out for holes and tears in the roofing material, which often happens around the seams. If the hole is small, you can usually get away with a DIY repair, but for more extensive damage, you’ll need to contact roofers Dublin for a full replacement. A large tear or hole is the canary in the coal mine.

4. Impact Damage

After severe weather, you might see dents and gouges on your roof. If there’s a puncture or tear in one small area you can just make these roof repairs yourself using a patch kit. 

With certain roof materials, like tar and gravel, it’s extremely difficult to see things like cracks and holes. Contractors typically find only about half the damage on these types of roofs, so consider replacing it with better roofing material. If you think your roof might have experienced damage, you should call a great service to take a look. 

5. Bubbling and Blistering

Bubbling and blistering are caused by poor installation and adhesive failure. The bubbles you see are usually filled with air or water. If you leave them too long, they’ll become so large that they could pop, leaving a hole in your roof. So replace your roof if you find these or they could end up causing interior damage.

Flat Roof Replacement Is Time-Sensitive

Whether you have puddles accumulating, cracks, bubbles, or simply an old roof (20-25 years), schedule your flat roof replacement from Lanes Contracting as soon as these issues are discovered. If moisture is seeping into the building, it’s going to cause you more expensive damage and harmful mold.

Look for leaves and debris piling up at the lowest points. Also, check around for mold and mildew. Remember to have your flat roof inspected twice a year.

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