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The Micro Countries Of Europe And Why You Need To Visit Them

Europe is a continent that has been at the center of the world history for millennia. From Stonehenge to the Colosseum, Europe is home to some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and historical sites. However, tucked away among these well-known attractions are a handful of tiny, overlooked countries – often referred to as microstates.

These mini-nations, which are often overlooked and forgotten about in favor of larger countries, have unique cultures and histories that you won’t find anywhere else in Europe. This article will discuss such microstates and why they are worth visiting and exploring on your next European trip. Let’s get to the list.

Vatican City

Located in Rome, Vatican City is the world’s smallest country and the center of Catholicism. This holy city has a fascinating history and incredible architecture, including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel. It is also home to art galleries, museums, libraries, and many other cultural attractions that can be visited with permission from the Vatican.

Visiting the Vatican City opens up a unique window into the Catholic Church and its spiritual and cultural significance to the world. As seen at, you can get your tickets in advance, skip the line and enjoy valuable art from the Papal collections available at the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums. These attractions and the religious significance of this mini-country make it a must-visit destination while in Rome.

San Marino

Located on the Italian peninsula surrounded by Italy’s Emilia Romagna region, San Marino is one of Europe’s oldest states and has been independent since 301 AD. It has two towering fortresses, stunning mountain views, and a range of cultural attractions. San Marino also has one of the world’s oldest constitutions, which was established in 1600.

San Marino is known for its picturesque landscape and medieval architecture, making it an ideal destination for history buffs. It is also home to a rich culture that includes festivals, sports, and a wide range of gastronomic delights influenced by its Italian neighbor. Ensure to visit the stunning San Marino Castle for a breathtaking view of the entire city.


Bordering France to the north and Italy to the east, Monaco is one of Europe’s richest nations, with an extensive range of attractions and activities, from casinos to luxury shopping. As well as its many glamorous amenities, Monaco also boasts a number of lesser-known attractions, including its deep-sea aquarium and numerous cultural sites.

Monaco is ideal for those looking to revel in luxury and gain a deeper insight into European history, art, and culture. A must-visit attraction here is the stately Prince’s Palace of Monaco, which serves as the official home of the country’s ruling family. Be sure also to visit the Jardin Exotique, a beautiful botanical garden with species worldwide.


Liechtenstein is a tiny country located in the heart of Europe, nestled between Switzerland and Austria. Despite its size, Liechtenstein has a surprisingly rich cultural history and offers plenty to see and do. From picturesque medieval towns and rolling hills to beautiful lakeside trails, this mini-country is packed full of captivating attractions.

One of Liechtenstein’s most visited attractions is the Vaduz Castle, which serves as the royal family’s residence. Visitors can also explore the country’s many museums and art galleries, including its national museum, which showcases an impressive range of artifacts from Liechtenstein’s long and fascinating history. Andalucia’s capital Vaduz is also worth a visit for its vibrant nightlife, great restaurants, and beautiful architecture.


Squeezed between France and Spain, Andorra is the sixth-smallest nation in Europe. Despite its size, this country has plenty to offer for travelers looking for an extraordinary experience. It boasts unbelievable nature, with a stunning mountain landscape that offers countless activities, such as skiing and hiking.

Aside from its natural attractions, Andorra is also a great destination for shoppers, thanks to its low tax rates. Visitors can find almost any type of goods here, from Andorra souvenirs to electronics and designer goods. It’s also home to many cultural attractions, including religious sites like the Sant Joan de Caselles church and museums and galleries.


Malta is a picturesque island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. It’s home to many historical sites, including some of the oldest megalithic stone structures in the world and the Valletta UNESCO World Heritage Site.

No visit to Malta would be complete without exploring its charming towns and villages. Mdina, for example, is a stunning city built within the walls of an ancient fortress and known for its narrow alleys and baroque architecture. You’ll also find a number of quaint fishing villages around Malta’s coasts. It is ideal for those looking to combine relaxation with cultural exploration.

The micro countries of Europe offer a wealth of attractions and activities, from beautiful scenery to luxurious amenities. Visitors can explore historic sites, sample local cuisine, or simply soak up the atmosphere in one of its charming towns or villages. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural enrichment, these tiny nations will not disappoint.

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