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The Materials You Can Use for Roofing Your House

Roofing your home seldom tops the list of exciting remodeling chores. Your perspective may change dramatically when your house suffers a leak, though. Suddenly, the notion of a dry, well-sealed home seems quite appealing. A stunning new roof can also boost your home’s charm.

You can choose from several roofing materials rather than replacing the earlier one. When it comes to choosing the correct roofing material, you must consider aesthetics, durability, affordability, and structural issues. In this article, we will provide you with information on the various Quality Roofing Installations materials that you can use for your home.

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Asphalt Composite Shingles

Most people opt for them as they fulfill most residential roofing requirements. They usually come with 20 to 30 years of guarantee, and repairing broken shingles is a very simple task. The roof’s lifespan might vary from 12 to 30 years, depending on the quality of the shingles used and the circumstances.  Installing these singles is something that almost every roofing business is acquainted with. 

Slate Shingles

A slate roof is ideal for homeowners who want only the best. Real slate roofing is exactly what it sounds like: genuine, thin sheets of slate. Slate is easy to extract because it tends to rip off in thin sheets, making it perfect for roofing. However, slate installation requires expertise, and you can find such workers in reputable companies like Benchmark Roofing & Restoration

Clay Tiles

Earthen clays are shaped into rolling or interlocking forms to make these tiles. Then they are burned to make them sturdy. It is often left unpolished, which is the cause of its distinct reddish-orange shade. Nevertheless, it can also be fired and glazed to produce ceramic roofing tiles.

Clay tile is an exceptional roofing substance for residents of areas with salt air or hot temperature; that is the reason roofs are so prevalent in southern desert and coastal areas. It may be costly, but they last for more than a century. 

Wood Shingles

Wooden roofs are stunning, but they are also pricey and have limitations. They don’t last long, and they’re not a good choice in regions which receive a lot of rain or where wildfires are a concern. Nonetheless, they are an aesthetically pleasing roofing material, making them a popular option for luxury dwellings.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tile is a cost-effective choice for clay tile, with comparable benefits and the same installation methods. They are made from usual sand-mix concrete. There is a range of profiles to choose from. Some even look like rolled clay tiles, and you can also get concrete tiles resembling wood shakes. An ornamental coating is sporadically applied to the tiles. You can paint them in any color of your choice. It’s a heavy roofing material and is ideal for places experiencing high winds.


Other than these materials, you can also opt for synthetic slate tiles, metal shingles, built-up roofing, rolled roofing, and many more. To know what will suit your house the best, take the advice of a roofing expert. 

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