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Sunset at Santos Winery & Fira, Santorini


This is a weird update, it’s something I didn’t do. That said, I did nothing today but eat gyro’s and make small talk with random bar owners. I got offered 2 jobs here, should I wish, I could work at some club as a bartender for the summer… Have concluded the secret is to come a week or so before the surge, get to know people, don’t show up in full swing and hope. Also explained to one owner the important matter of “Flyer Girls”. If you aren’t directly on the beach, you need them, every bar needs them in tourist towns.

I reckon it would be fun but I am on a mission, this mission has no time to pour “orgasms” and “sex on the beaches” for women wearing barely anything and on vacation wishing to “let loose for 2 weeks”. That makes me rethink my mission and question my sanity. Can think of worse plights than hanging out on Greek Islands for the summer, with a purpose.

Anyways, considering I’m cheap and prefer to spend my cash on things I can consume, I’m in a dorm. I had a 4 person but the internet didn’t work so I opted for the 10 person, as fate would have it, there are 9 women from the US, Canada, Australia, France and New Zealand, life could be worse. That said, women talk about really different stuff then dudes do, in case you didn’t already know that.

I’m off to Crete tomorrow and some of the ladies went to Santos Winery in Santorini. It’s like 10 minutes from Perissa beach and I write this because if you come, you should check it out. If I was here longer, I’d check it out. If I come back, I will check it out, indeud.

The ladies got 6 glasses of wine with cheese, olives and bread for 12E, wow!?

If you’re in town, might as well check it out.

The photos from town are from some of the other ladies who went into Fira today. I was going to go into Fira to check it out, mainly for a few photos, kinda best of both worlds for me on this one.

In closing, as fate would have it, my forearm and hand from last night are now reattached to my financial body, hooray. People who go to work have bad days at the office, when your cash works for you, sometimes your cash has a bad day at the market. That said, if my money was an employee, it would regularly be written up with formal warnings and often get ragged on for being late to the party.

Off to say goodbye to a few people, over a few pints.

Tips hat,

P.S: An egregious over usage of the term “check it out”.

P.P.S: Being an expat is about 1/10th and random as “hitting the road”.

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