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Greetings and Salutations from Naxos, Greece

Greetings from the fine island of Naxos,

I said I was going to Crete, yeah? Nothing in this world is conCRETE, let alone your portfolio, job or … your relationship. Suffice to say that boat left, without yours truly. As a result I’ve migrated to Naxos with some Canadian ladies I met in Santorini.

Naxos is pretty sick, you can walk from the ferry like a click or so and you’re in “villa land” where one can achieve madness to levels unknown to most men, or women while we’re being politically correct. Anyways we settled in this 4 person villa with a kitchen and I quite like it.

Did you know that Greece has a nation wide strike on the 11th!? Just when I write that Athens kinda blows, I book a flight to Rome on the 12th so I can meet my beloved mother on the 13th. Suffice to say, looks like I’ll leave the 10th, just incase there is some lame strike. The economy here sucks, power to the people! I kid, I jest.

So looks like a day or so here, then a day or so in my favorite city of Athens. Maybe I should just join the protest screaming and tipping flaming barrels of ouzo at government officials? I mean, I don’t know the details but I”m always one to let loose, should the occasion present itself.

Anyways, here are some photos. This place has a cool vibe and can picture it in the recesses of my mind when it’s in full swing. I see glorious women strolling around in thongs while men drink beer bongs and since it’s not early may, have no need for long johns, yeah it’s still cold here at night.

I could go on, but why  bother as I have little else to say and know basically nothing about this island. The plan was Crete but when the ladies were leaving today, I decided that variety is most certainly not the spice of life. That’s for people who can’t handle their spice aka “insert something fun”.  My friends, “spontaneity is the spice of life”.

The ferry was boring but a beautiful view. Started chatting up this couple from Paris and turns out the lady runs a champagne bar, she gave me all the details and said if I’m in Paris, I must swing by. Just happen to have a friend who lives there that is included in all of the SKETCHY ADVENTURES from Portugal.

I had something else to say, it eludes me.

Tips hat,

P.S: It’s Mothers Day, if you are so lucky to still have a mother on this planet, you better call her. While you’re at it, call your Grandma and of course God Mother.

P.P.S: Feel like I’m in Canada again, with women requesting Cat Stevens and CCR. Thank “whatever” that no one mentioned Nickle Bag, whooops, I mean Nickle back like, why did I buy this CD, I think I need my nickel back.

P.P.S: Top picks for drinks in Santorini: Bob’s Bar & Fusion.

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