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Shopping at MBK Mega Mall, Bangkok

MBK Mall Bangkok

Went shopping for a mobile phone yesterday at MBK, hands down the largest mall I’ve ever been to. The place is asurdly massive. Each floor has a theme to some extent. To give you an idea of how vast this place is, the “cell phone area” has at least 300-500 vendors. You can get ripped off everywhere though. I went around looking for a used mobile phone.

This one lady took my money and tried to sell me something without a charge. Back in the day I would of gotten home, trusting her and then been screwed. Instead I said “Hey, you, give me my money back NOW” at which point she told me to go screw myself in thai. After that I went into a store, they said 900 baht ~$30 was cheapest phone. I sad “Ping meow” which is “tooo much” so they said oh … I remember I have this one for 690 baht. I bought a brand new Motorola W 156, which is sleeker than my old phone. Then buddy tried to sell me a sim card for 1400 baht, I went to another place and picked it up for 500 baht. For 500 baht I have 500 minutes in Thailand.

They have polo button up shirts that retail for~$125 in North America for.. Get this, 200 baht. Even though it’s dirt cheap, I still see now need to buy them. It’s funny how when you come here people tell you ” dress down, don’t show any affluence”. Affluence is relative, everyone here from the dude taking apart a 1970’s motor to the guy driving a tuktuk have polo, gucci, izod it’s all good. In fact if you bring one that you paid full price for, the joke is on you.

Checking into school here, supposedly for $60US I can sign up for 16 weeks of intensive Thai, get my visa extended and live near the campus… Seems kinda fun and would give me plenty of time to build my web empire further. That said, I also want to keep things moving as there is a big big world out there and I’m still just discovering a sliver of it.

I will write something on tuk tuk travel tomorrow. I’m thinking “collaboration” when I go with these guys now. Instead of paying say 200 baht for no stops. I say “let’s go to 1 stop” so buddy can get free gas and I pay 30 baht and both of us are up.

I’m off to drink ~3 litres of freshly squeezed OJ for ~75 baht and eggs and ham for ~50 baht.

I’m figuring this place out and will continue sharing it with you.

Cell Phone Jungle in MBK

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