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SHABL Turns 3 Years Old – Big Thanks to ALL of You…


Today marks a special day as it’s officially 3 years that this blog has been online. The first post went live September 17th but the domain was purchased on the 16th aka 3 years ago or 1095 days ago. It’s also the day I flew from Ottawa to Vancouver on a one way ticket with an open mind. This is one of those times where your typical blog would make some big run down of all the cool things they’ve done but we’re different and we’re going to take a different approach, as per usual.

The whole point of this blog was to start a running journal of sorts to show people that you can leave your life behind you and pickup the pieces to do something new, something cool. I’m throwing out my path to the world in real-time and time-stamping the events because authenticity is of utter importance, along with integrity. Instead of writing recaps and photo stories, this blog is a daily diary as I understand that leaving your life behind is incredibly terrifying. It took yours truly 5 years of internal conflict to finally get the courage to say “$@#$ it”, let’s do this. Any regrets? NONE.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who reads this regularly. I’m here spitting out what I’m up to regularly but it’s you who finishes the feedback loop, had this blog never picked up who knows if I’d still be writing it? Also if I wasn’t writing this blog would I still be traveling? This blog has opened so many doors that I’m not sure where I’d be without it. Naturally I take the time to write it but YOU take the time to read it and share it and for that I am thankful.

The next 3 years should be interesting as the first 3 were spent getting this snowball going, now this snowball is tearing through the arctic country side and I’m busy riding it like a bull fresh out of the gates at some Rodeo in Calgary. I’m off to Costa Rica in a few days and I’m 99.87234% sure that I won’t be taking the ticket home. I’m going to spend the winter exploring C. America in true SHABL style which is an open mind, fist full of fiat currency, stained t-shirt and a smile. We’ve seen a lot of the world together but there is still more left. My main goal in life is still to see the world and spend as much time as possible in paradise where I’m surrounded with pleasant and passionate people…

Just remember that if you want to do something like this, you can. Just be sure to avoid debt like the plague, say no to group think and spend time figuring out what truly makes you tick… The road into the unknown is often lonely and dark but it’s also incredibly rewarding. When you look back on your life from the end of your road you’ll be thankful for the risks you took that meant something to you. I’m also really happy to just be “Rob” again instead of “insert profession” or whatever title you may have now. It’s like you graduate from school, sell your individuality and become your profession? That’s weak, isn’t it?

Remember this, you’ll never know unless you go and your life goes where your energy flows…

Thanks for an amazing 3 years and get ready for more as there is no going back when you’ve gone this far…

Tips hat,

P.S: Photo is from Nungwi, Zanzibar aka one of my favorite places on this planet…

P.P.S: The endless summer is attainable and worth the effort…


29 thoughts on “SHABL Turns 3 Years Old – Big Thanks to ALL of You…

  1. Congratulations! So inspirational. You will have an awesome time in Costa Rica. I was there last year. Drake Bay is magical!

  2. Awesome post and congrats. Can’t believe I’m doing the same thing in less than two weeks! It’s good to read things like this bc I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out juuust a little

    1. Ava,

      You’re gonna have a blast. I see more reason to freak out from sitting at home watching cable each day while the world goes on. I wish you the best.

  3. Hey Rob,

    this is really great and I’m proud of you, hehe ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know what? In one week I’ll be off to Tanzania again for 6 months! I’ll say “Hello” to Nungwi beach, Zanzibar when I’ll be there again!

    I wish you a safe journey!!

    1. Great to hear from you and a safe journey to you as well.

      Please tell me you’re staying at the same place, tell the gents I say hello!

      P.S: Thanks for letting me know you had malaria.

      1. I haven’t decided whether I want to stay there again ๐Ÿ˜€ I would like to go East but I have plenty of time to decide this.

        Conerning Malaria, my doctor told me I didn’t have it because the blood sample didn’t show any antibodies. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Congrats on your 3rd blogiversary, many great voyages taken since the start, and many more to come! With regards to Central America, I look forward to a through exploration, as I plan to do a similar trek either next winter or the one after … can’t wait to see what you dig up man!

    1. Thanks and I decided that I want to get back into it. Took about a year off sorta going slow from the first two but now ready to get involved again.

      That said, who knows what will happen right!?

  5. Well said. Not the self-indulgent bollocks most blogs would be turning out at 3 years of age but simple, honest writing. Shame I didn’t know you earlier.

  6. Congrats bro. Free spirit and an open mind have taken ya so far on so many levels. These two traits are important in everyday life no matter what your venture is. Take time to try something you’ve always wanted to try. Learn something your curious about and dont be scared of change. All so true.
    I really enjoyed this one as it gave a little more insight to the mind set of Shabl. Any future travelers owe it to themselves to check you out man.
    Congrats again and i will be reading!

    1. Thanks and you bring up many good points about how you can apply such said mantra to whatever you’re doing in life, I just happen to be a traveler for now. Always appreciate your commentary and insights into the matters at hand.

      free spirit + open mind = anything is possible.

      Tips hat,

  7. Indeed. First, congrats on making it this far (and yet, there is still so much to see and do). Second, that last closing paragraph is spot on. Lastly, as long as you keep living and writing the SHABL-lifestyle I’ll keep reading that’s a promise.

    1. Good to hear from you Charlie and always appreciate your timely and relevant additions to this here blog. The SHABL show isn’t going anywhere so stay tuned for everything you’ve become accustomed to AND MORE.

      Tips hat,

    1. Glad I started asking around what was up there, you’ll never know unless you go and in this case ask! Safe travels, good sir.

  8. Cheers to your next 3 years of what is definitely a non-boring life Rob! You’ll love exploring Central America. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Thanks man and I hope I don’t get stuck in a country again, it’s a small part of the world but I seem to be having issues making moves!

      Safe travels, good sir.

  9. I’m a little late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS on 3 years and thanks for an entertaining and informative ride. We lead a different overseas life, the two of us, but we seem to enjoy the same challenges and adventure of expat life. I so often read SHABL with guilt knowing that I’m living a life of somewhat luxurious standards afforded by this crazy job Corporate America sends me to in the developing world and not “leaving it all behind,” but I love what I’m doing and each new country I get to live in opens my eyes and my heart just a little bit more.

    I think it’s safe to say that upon reflection when living overseas or when coming back to wherever “home” is, we learn that the world hasn’t really changed — we have. And isn’t that what these journeys are all about?

    I’m off to put up a post. I’ve had a bit of “writer’s block” and I think you’ve just nudged me out of it. Muchas Gracias! And buen viaje! Looking forward to more SHABL posts.

    1. Thanks Fran and yes we do live different lives overseas, everyone who leaves walks their own path but it’s in the same jungle. I’m planning on making it further north than Nicaragua this year so hopefully we can finally meet up and perhaps I can be so lucky to taste one of your recipes? At the day you are right and we do change but change is all that is constant so I believe it’s better to ride the waves of time than get caught in the undertow, so to speak.

      Great to hear from you again and safe travels my friend!

  10. I haven’t read every post but check in time to time… man, what a ride is right. I’m so envious and wish I could pull a similar move and just buy a ticket and not look back! Hell, I’d take 1 year nevermind 3+. Keep up the amazing posts, pics and travels!


  11. keep on rockin’ and showing us the way Rob! We’re all just trying to keep up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Looking forward to 3 more years.

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