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SHABL Ottawa Walking Tour & Occupy Ottawa


Since last update, had the pleasure of escorting my friend from Berlin around town. Decided that there is a bridge to bridge block of sorts that let’s you see most of what there is in Ottawa and some of the best views of Parliament I’ve ever seen. Driven by many times and always thought about taking photos, well yesterday accomplished all that AND MORE. This is the SHABL Ottawa Walking Tour that you could do on your own…

Basically you’re going to walk from Rideau Center along Rideau and past the Chateau Laurier to the War Monument. Through Sparks Street for a block or so before going in front of the Parliament. Walking along Wellington until you get to the Portage Bridge. This part of the walk is cool, we kept along Spark Street but it shows you a lot of what downtown Ottawa is all about and delivers countless photo opportunities.

From there you cross the bridge, it has one of the best views of Parliament, National Art Gallery and Notre Dame Cathedral. After walking along the bridge, you follow the bike path towards the Museum of Civilization, cross the bridge and you’re right at Major’s Hill Park. From there you can visit the Art Gallery of Canada, the Notre Dame Cathedral etc..

After peering into the cathedral, made our way into the Byward Market where we randomly ran into a friend of mine on the street (literally) and grabbed a pint. Following that it was to Social which is in a really old court yard for an aged whiskey. One believes that this is a quality way to end all if not any walking tour, yes?

Side note, I walked through the whole “Occupy Ottawa” thing and supposedly it’s there to raise awareness about homelessness. In my mind from what I saw, it was jut the government allowing homeless people to turn this one particular park into a jamboree of sorts. I can’t see how anybody in Ottawa who has a job has been able to “take off time” to sleep in a tent in the cold rain in downtown Ottawa? Maybe I’m missing something?

Tomorrow morning, I’m off to Palm Springs. Leaving from Montreal at 9AM which means leaving Ottawa at Unholy AM. All worth it though and once the hot California air begins filling my lungs like helium balloons at the circus, full swing will be entered. You come alive when out of your comfort zone, never forget that. That being said, when in your comfort zone and I mean seriously entrenched, the world looks more ominous, uncertain and perhaps scary (it’s that time of year – BOO!).

/me takes a long stick and pokes you aggressively in your lazy boy “GET UP!”

If you’re in Ottawa, recommend you take this walk. Would be incredible in the summer and could maybe even include a stop off on Spark Street for a pint or something delicious to “get the party started” in a most egregious walking manner.

Tips hat,

P.S: Happy Birthday to a Special Someone…

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