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Less Glamorous Side of Travel


Photo above was taken a second ago, this is the less glamorous side of travel you never read in those photoshopped publications filled with beautiful tanned people with beach bodies sipping strong drinks under a scorching sun in a thong and sandals…

It’s 9 am and I am drinking stupid amounts of coffee waiting for my flight in Montreal. Drove here this morning and left the house at 6am. The airport isn’t busy and lots of long faces from tired business people and families waiting for the trip.

This is a large part of travel and it sucks, luckily I thrive in odd situations as such and time usually passes fast. That said, have another 12 hours of transit to secure such said cheap ticket. Flying to Washington then Vegas and finally Palm Springs. The life of a traveler is filled with highs and lows. Ehhh, really hope my bag makes it, seriously.

Other news, starting today Air Canada charges $25 for each checked bag which isn’t cool but can see there reasoning. That said, I always get stuck next to Big Bertha or Morbidly Obese Mike and believe that anyone over 2 standard deviations from the average weight should pay more. That’s another topic though.

Tips hat,

P.s: picked up a pinless grenade the other day and put it in my piggy bank, now it has exploded and I have been disfigured by the shrapnel of quarters and loonies. Whoops and stay away from hand grenades, trust me.

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