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Top 5 Secrets of Happy Couples Everyone Needs to Know

Over the past hundred years, many changes occurred in worldview and value systems. A large flow of information falls on us daily and has become difficult to digest.

Add to this the history of several generations, mistakes of upbringing, complete confusion in the distribution of functions and social roles between men and women – and we get a mix that is almost incompatible with the concept of a happy family.

Nevertheless, there are couples who live together for decades and preserve the warmth and joy of their relationships. So let’s consider the top five secrets of happy couples!

Act as a team

Business communities have long realized that the coordinated work of all company employees is the key to their well-being. A romantic relationship with another person is also a kind of team game. When men meet a nice woman, they create a new coalition called “We.” But “We” can exist when all the participants involve themselves in this project.

Two people become a team and acquire common interests, goals, and values. And striving for joint well-being is one of their common priorities. Once you make a conscious and mature decision to go through life together with a person you love and to make the relationship happy, you should act as a team. 

Love each other for who you are

No matter how much a man and a woman have in common, they are still very different by nature. Relationships are partly similar to landing on another planet, where the laws of the world order radically differ from the usual ones. It is unlikely that something good will come out of it if you immediately start enthusiastically reorganizing this planet as you see fit, without learning anything about it.

Happy couples accept and love each other for who they are, without exception. In healthy relationships, partners feel safe and do not hesitate to express themselves. Of course, conflicts and misunderstandings are inevitable in any romantic relationship, but by accepting a partner for who they are, representatives of two different worlds learn to understand, listen, and hear each other. This is the key to happy and long-lasting relationships!

Spend some time separately 

In the minds of many people, creating a family, marriage life, raising children, and building long-term relationships in principle are perceived as a set of limitations and obligations. It is as if living together is a kind of sacrificial fire in which lovers throw their personal interests, hobbies, dreams, and many other important things. But in fact, this is far from the case. Even the happiest partners can find time for their hobbies and interests and take a rest separately from each other.

They perceive their relationships as new opportunities, values, goals, and achievements. You should remember that harmony in a long-term relationship is possible only in case this is a partnership of two self-sufficient people. Each of them is individuality with their own quirks and twists. And they build relationships to make their life more interesting but not to fill the voids inside.

They do not pick on each other

Another secret of happy couples is that they focus on positive things. Anxiety over nonsense, nagging, or frequent criticism is not the best way to win someone’s heart. So, it is better to talk to your beloved if something bothers you and stop being meticulous about trifles.

Relationship life coaches advise using a positive approach instead of solving problems through criticism. Proper communication is essential for a healthy relationship. For example, if your partner spends too much time in front of the computer screen, try playfully reminding your beloved, “I miss you so much… May you join me in the bedroom?” 

Discuss relationship problems properly

Sociological studies have shown that just one hour a week spent by discussing the current relationship issues changes the way of problem-solving in a couple. Such conversations give partners an opportunity to express their fears and share true feelings. Thanks to this, the partners feel loved and listened to but not rejected.

To make the dialogue more effective, you can switch places with a loved one – speak and listen to each other in turn. Moreover, you should express yourself delicately so as not to hurt your partner. Also, when listening to the loved one, try to understand what disturbs the partner without condemning your beloved. If you are overwhelmed with emotions, take a break for 20 minutes, and then continue the dialogue.

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