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10 Business Presentation Tools that Will Support Your Perfect Pitch

The digital age of the 21st century has taken the business world by storm. Since the last decade, Powerpoint presentations with their visual appeal have gained ground in every corporate niche. A captivating presentation is a deal-breaker to impress the clients and stakeholders.

Business presentations are ideal for all corporate dealings be it meetings, sales pitch, training, product launch or remote webinar. For entrepreneurs and startups, a stunning pitch deck goes a long way to charm their clients. PowerPoint presentations are quintessential to reinforce your branding image and pitch your business ideas. Bringing items like custom pins and stickers can also help with promoting your brand image as well.

An engaging and well-structured presentation with a plethora of eye-catching visuals communicates your key ideas competently. In the technological age of software as a service (Saas), an abundance of cloud-based presentation tools is available online to render your presentation the desired stars.

Craft presentations with intuitive templates like Fishbone Diagram Template, Digital Marketing, Strategy Template with terrific tools like SlideModel presentation templates, Visme diagrams , Canva banners, etc. The presentation tools mentioned in this article will help you craft your perfect one-of-a-kind presentation. Another helpful tool not featured below is the online video maker by Once you have the right idea, you need the right tools to get the job done.

Here are ten business presentation tools that will assist you in formulating a brilliant presentation:


SlideModel is an incredible platform to design your out-of-the-box presentation. With 30,000+ professionally designed templates, the site offers 100% editable slide decks corresponding to every business niche. Choose from its avant-garde designs with templates ranging from business, finance, strategy, SWOT, marketing, accounting and much more. Superior templates imbibed with graphics, maps, charts, diagrams, shapes, timelines are sure to render your presentation beautiful. Their slide decks are compatible with prominent tools like Google Slides, Apple Keynotes, and Open Office.


A web-based visual presentation tool, Prezi offers a great alternative to the traditional presentations with its exciting features. This cloud-based software holds the fort for a conversational presenting of information. Formulate your presentation from its repository of templates. Create animated slides with a non-sequential flow which allows you to zoom in on topics and subtopics as per your need. Help the audience to visualise the progression of your business with augmented reality, designer templates and collaborative features.

Google Slides

Google Slides is a splendid, advanced and easy-to-use version of PowerPoint. Import slides from other presentation software tools to create customized templates. It comes with themes for the slideshow, slide layouts, high-quality fonts, graphics, slide transitions, presentation notes, presenter view of Q&A.

What is interesting about this tool is its consistency of slideshow across any device without altering any alignment. Google Slide has an edge over the traditional PowerPoint with its auto-save aspect. Engage in real-time editing and collaborative work with your colleagues easily with this tool.

Haiku Deck

When it comes to creating presentations with added simplicity, Haiku Deck emerges as a popular choice. The platform lets you create elegant and engaging presentations. You can leverage high-quality graphics, include contrasting backgrounds, import ready to use templates and come up with slides that speak for themselves. Haiku Deck offers a huge repository of images and fonts. Thus, you have tons of options to choose from. The presentations are accessible on any device.


Build your dream presentation with stunning visual stories incorporated with audios, videos, infographics and pixel-perfect graphics. From graphs to reports, animated GIFs to timelines, flyers to flowcharts Visme hosts wonderful designs to create an attractive presentation. Join charts to live data, share your presentation online, use content blocks and use tailor-made templates for a terrific pitch deck. Insert interactive data widgets, embed polls, quizzes, forms, and get analytics of your presentation viewing when shared to the social media.


For creating presentations that are company-ready, SlideCamp can be a great resource. The tool lets you play with colours, add logos, import charts, diagrams and infographics! Not just that, you can also import readymade templates and ensure design consistency throughout the presentation. SlideCamp is a great solution for professionals looking to create amazing and quick presentations. Individuals, small companies and enterprises can leverage SlideCamp presentation tool for creating captivating slides.


Beautiful.AI is a smart technology powered presentation builder tool. Presenters can quickly stroll to their website and start creating presentations with several interfaces. Beautifu.Ai offers attractive layouts, different typography sets, images, graphs, charts, and more. You can share your presentations online and can also export the same in PDF. The terrific tool makes it easy for presentation creators to craft slides worth attention. You can arrange all the visual elements in any order you desire. Zoom-in or out at elements of importance and highlight the ones where you desire your audience’s attention the most.


Powtoon is one of the best tools to add an animated spark to your business presentation. Powtoon is a visual presentation software which is ideal for B2B or B2C sales, marketing, training, product pitch and every business deal. Its animation features let you easily create animations with props, characters and more which can make your slide deck lively and attractive. PowToon is useful for companies or individuals who use animations as a tool to give a presentation to the clients to amaze them.


Pitch your business proposals in the best creative way with Pitcherific. This tool offers a wide range of professional publications like business cards, resumes and newsletters packed with enchanting pre-designed templates. Pitcherific is ideal for incubators looking to showcase their data in a professional and specialized way. From texts to graphics all the features in the templates are customizable. Use its time clock trait to track your slide’s explanation while delivering to clients. With its signature feature of flexibility design flawless presentations which are not text or image-heavy.


Want a beautiful presentation but do not have an eye for design? Want to escape the monotony of formatting slides? SlideBean is the perfect tool for you. Pick from its bewitching templates to create your slides. Powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI), SlideBean will automatically build a presentation for you with complete formatting with just an outline. Use pre-existing colour palettes, logos, fonts, rearrange the slide order, select your theme, charts and illustrations for every audience. Create dramatic business presentations within no time with SlideBean.


FlowVella is a cloud-secure presentation tool designed to create enthralling pitch decks. Choose from over dozens of professionally designed and inspiring templates, add image galleries, embed PDF documents of pricing and product information right in your slides. With its Kiosk Mode, turn your slideshow in a portable version of a digital billboard without worrying about a stalled slideshow. With best video support, embed videos from any video source in your slides which work even offline. FlowVella even gives insights to fine-tune your presentation for the best analytics of presentation performance.


VideoScribe is another popular tool for creating business presentations. The tool enables presenters to include a new level of practicality in presentation creation. Small businesses can customize their pitch decks, marketing presentations to suit the type of audience. You can also include quick-explainers as well as marketing teasers in the slides. VideoScribe lets presenters play with every slide element, be it text, images, diagrams, backgrounds and more. You can even draw custom objects and include in your slides.


A new presentation tool on the front is Ludus. Designed with creativity and the web in mind, it helps you easily integrate content from other web services like YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox, GIPHY, and more. It is integrated with design tools like the ability to upload fonts, blend colours and use overlays. It offers live collaboration, smart blocks to quickly save, share and re-use assets across presentations. Build your templates based on your business theme, narrate your story by connecting blocks, leverage charts and graphics to garner praise from your clients and investors.


To construct a visually stunning presentation for your next business pitch, Canva is the best-dedicated presentation builder. Add from over one million Canva stock photos, custom images, shapes, icons, 120 font styles, drag and drop elements to beautify your presentation. Incorporated with business templates, resumes, newsletters, brochures and infographics, it offers hundreds of slide layouts. Save and upload your company’s logo easily with Canva. This tool is a blessing for small businesses and entrepreneurs to dazzle the clients for its cost-efficiency.

Forge engaging business slide decks with these presentation tools which hooks and grips your investors and stakeholders. Cutting-edge templates, visuals and animations of the mentioned tools will turn your presentation into a visual aid rather than a visual distraction. Create, access and deliver your presentation from anywhere with these cloud-based presentation tools. Craft your presentations with versatility and vigour with these ten software tools today.

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