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Scrub a Dub-Dub! Washing Machine Symbols Explained

The washing machine has been around in some capacity since the late 1700s, but a lot has changed since then and it is important to know the washing machine symbols on your washing machine before using it.

Clothes are made from a wide variety of different materials these days, and if you want your favorite shirt or your go-to pair of pants to last then you need to know the meaning of washing machine tag symbols.

The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn about symbols like the machine wash cold symbol and the machine wash warm symbol. Continue reading to learn all about washing machine symbols and what they mean.

Have you ever looked at the washing machine symbols on your appliance and felt lost? Here's a guide to washing machine symbols and their meanings.

What Is the Meaning of Washing Machine Symbols?

Before you begin using a washing machine, it is always a good idea to consult the manual so that you fully understand the functions. Unfortunately, not all washing machines have the same symbols, but clothes often do. It is important to know the washing machine symbol meaning so that you keep your clothes nice.

Here is a closer look at the washing machine tag symbols and what they represent.

Wash Basin Symbol

This symbol looks like a but with water in it and it is usually accompanied by a number. This symbol means that your clothing item is safe to wash. The number inside of the tub represents the ideal water temperature for washing that garment in Celcius.

There are also dots that sometimes accompany this symbol. One dot means use cold water, two dots means warm water, and three dots mean hot water. Sometimes you’ll see lines under the tub. These represent the washer setting that the manufacturer recommends using.

One line means that the normal washing function of your washer will be perfect. Two lines mean that you should use the permanent press option for washing that garment. 

The last thing you need to look out for is a hand in the tub. If there is a hand in the tub symbol then it means that you need to hand wash that item. Visit takecareofyourclothes.com for more helpful information about laundry.

Bleach Icons

There are also icons that help you with deciding if bleach is a safe option with your clothing. It is common to think that because an item is white it is safe to use bleach. That isn’t always the case and it is important that you check your garment’s label.

If there is an open triangle among the washing machine tag symbols then the item is safe to use bleach with. However, there are other triangles to be aware of. A triangle with lines through it means that you need to use non-chlorine bleach with that item. There are also triangles that are crossed out. These items should never get washed with bleach under any circumstances.

Start Using Washing Machine Symbols Today

Washing machine symbols can get really confusing really quickly. It is important to know what they mean in order to keep your clothes nice for years to come. Whether it is symbols advising you on the water temperature to wash your clothes at or the amount of bleach that is needed, these symbols are meant to guide you.

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