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It’s Saturday aka the slowest day of the week for internet traffic. For those of you who find yourself here, I salute you. Please make yourself comfortable and grab a chair in the house of SHABL while I politely request my virtual butler bring you the beverage of your choice. We literally have every beverage known to mankind and whatever else your mind can conjure so don’t hold back, the more obscure the order the happier the staff.

Below are the 20 latest results to this blog at the time of writing.

Date Time Name Query Landing Page
10 Dec 11:54:01
10 Dec 11:45:22
10 Dec 11:45:21
10 Dec 11:45:20
10 Dec 11:45:07
10 Dec 11:43:43
 poverty in sri lankaImage Search
10 Dec 11:43:38
 poverty in sri lankaImage Search
10 Dec 11:40:43
10 Dec 11:29:20
 mbkImage Search
10 Dec 11:29:16
 mbkImage Search
10 Dec 11:29:12
 mbkImage Search
10 Dec 11:26:21
 discotequeImage Search
10 Dec 11:20:55
 coca cola 250 mlImage Search
10 Dec 11:20:47
 coca cola 250 mlImage Search
10 Dec 11:19:02
10 Dec 11:18:49
 pga golf clubImage Search
10 Dec 11:18:35
 pga golf clubImage Search


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