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Same Old Story in Stockholm, Sweden

hur mår du,

First let me say I have been lying to all of you for some time now. I never go on leisurely jaunts or strolls, I go on death marches where anyone with me usually says what is the rush. Look you, there is no rush, we just march to different drummers. I was notified of this by someone who considered themselves a world class stroller, however I would say he is more of a sifter, whatever. Stockholm, Sweden is a fun place, sh!t here can get gawd damn egregious, in a hurry.

Met some ladies at a park yesterday, then called some other ladies who ironically, were in the same park. Then met another lady I met in Thailand with the others and the lady I am staying with showed up with some of her lady friends. Considering I used to sit in some sh!tty industrial park reading financial websites and refreshing google finance like a tickertard who has been inhaling tar fumes all day, pretty cool.

Nothing like looking homeless sitting at a nice restaurant patio in the swanky part of Stockholm with 8 or more Swedish women while fancy pant wearing dudes in aqua slacks, buckled shoes and purple burlap blazers look at you like who the %/#¤ are you.  The question is not who but what. The answer is gregarious. I really like Sweden, a lot.

As fate would have it, we ended up at some Rock bar, drinking here is not cheap, whatever you bring with you will probably part ways AND MORE. Took a gypsy cab home, he wanted 150 but I said 120, deal. It costs like 180 to get where we are. Least I could say this cab was rare but decided nah ¤#¤# it, off home to (whatever neighborhood I am in). I remember asking him about a meter and him saying, no meter, this is a gypsy cab. It wasnt a traditional cab, just some little car. Odd, but a perfect way to end a most eventful evening.

Basically this is the same old story but in Stockholm, Sweden. Tomorrow wait a second, a deer just walked by the window, indeed it did. Kinda makes me hungry but I am not so into killing things, I would rather someone else do it, I dare say.

Tomorrow, a lady friend of a lady friend of mine is having at traditional Swedish crayfish party. Supposedly there are 30,000 islands around Stockholm, so we are going to go hit one up for the night. You boil it in this beer and hang out in saunas, right up my alley. Supposedly it has been going on since the 16th century. I may put a hook through some of their tails and try my luck at some big ocean game, indeed. They are small, I guess a lot of homies are gonna be lost in the battle. On the topic of battles, there are remnants of a serious war going on around here, bombshells everywhere.

Considering time is running out on my pass and yours truly would like to take a long month long nap, after that the plan is to take an overnight train to Norway and hit that country up like Cartman at Casa Bonito after he gets busted for kidnapping Butters because he wasnt invited to the birthday party. That is a hilarious episode, I suggest you study it like a science course.

Did laundry today, you know how much stuff you need when you say, I have no clothes and you wash whatever you wear. Whatever else you do not wear, you should not be carrying, I have a lot of dead weight, time to make some changes. My phone wonät work, every bit of electronics in my life has failed me, sucks.

Two of the ladies wrote a backpacking book in Swedish, I will link it up at some point. Also most of these ladies have traveled and they all have stories… I have something in the works, stay tuned it will be quite cool and you could even get involved, if you want, if not, itäs not like I care.

I think I am going to go to the core and death march about, maybe eat some Swedish meatballs despite having heard reports they are bullocks, ha. Side note, those look pretty good about now considering yesterday I did not ingest a morcel of food that did not come from McDonaldäs. I will note this, when people say do you get homesick, never because whenever you feel whatever just go into McD and sink into a Big Mac and you could be around the corner.

Tips hat,

P.S: If it is in the budget, hit up this part of the world, very cool.

P.P.S: Very tired but inspired, odd combo.

Search Du Jour?: + doctor drained infected knee. hurts worse.  + Result, here.

Something intersting, yesterday did not update this bloggery on the SHABL Facebook Page, got just as many repeat visitors, interesting, indeed it is, Watson.

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