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Hostel Crashing 101


This update is about the fine art of “Hostel Crashing” aka going to the party without being invited, let alone paying for it. Crashing weddings, birthday parties and all else is a common occurrence, why not crash a hostel? You see, in each town there is always a “party hostel” that is known for having party people.

These hostels almost always cost more due to great word of mouth marketing and often have lots of interesting people as well as total douche bags. Before we go too deep into this, first here are some solid tips for staying in hostels. Worth a read as crashing is definitely a whole other level.

While in Lagos, Portugal there was a few “Party Hostels”. I stayed at some for a night but then found a place that was 15E and way cooler than the 25E for the famous hostel that was just a lousy bunk bed and if you didn’t want to party, you could guarantee you’d be kept up late by the party then woken up again at 5am when the drunkards came home… Not my scene.

Be the party or NOWHERE NEAR the party.

In University, I stayed in the “Quiet Res” where you had your own room and split the bathroom with 1 person. There was another residence that was a zoo, I spent a lot of time there but enjoyed the ability to leave when I wished. Back to hostel crashing?

1) Find a party hostel

2) Chill out near the party hostel

3) Walk in when the door opens with others who stay there.

4) Walk right to the common area and sit down.

5) Avoid making eye contact with the front desk.

6) Talk to all the people you wish too

7) Drink and be merry.

Sounds easy right? It is, just takes a bit of guts to go for it. The key elements are avoiding the front desk. Even if someone is there, walk in naturally like you live there. It’s no big deal and chances are the night shift is different than the day shift so how do they know who is staying there? Also aim for a hostel with a large patio, that is key.

Some key things to avoid:

1) Talking about which hostel you are in. If someone asks ask them a totally unrelated question.

2) That dorky buzzkill dude. He’s having a lame time trying to talk to girls. He paid extra to “be in the party hostel” so he could hopefully meet some cool people and party. He’ll most certainly RAT YOU OUT.

3) Avoid being too conspicuous, you want to blend in and fit in. Don’t stand out at all. So the party is having a dance off? Don’t join in. Just be that dude in the crowd talking to the people you wish. Talk to the party, don’t be the talk of the party. Questions like “Who is that guy? will start coming up.

4) Hitting up the same hostel too often. Eventually they catch on. The owner will tell you to get lost in not so many words. When this happens you tell them that there is no reason to be rude and that you’ll never stay at their hostel. This is usually met with a “you’re never welcome here again”. Oh well.

That’s the basics of hostel crashing. Why crash a hostel? Ever wonder why certain people are hanging out with certain people at a bar in a foreign land? It’s not that they are any cooler than you, in fact they could be totally cooler than you or way less cool. The reality is they met in the common room before they went out. The more people you meet even for a moment are more people to get to know better at a club or a social setting. It’s also a great way to spend some time before the bar gets going.

Living in Chiang Mai, I see it all the time. This group of ladies is out with this group of guys, you get talking to the ladies somehow and ask how they all know each other, it’s the same answer 9 out of 10 times…  I met them at my hostel. Same applies for you ladies, see a crew of gents you’d like to talk too but they are with a big group of ladies? Chances are…

Finally, if you have a crew, crash multiple hostels on the same night then go to the “main bars” everyone goes. Your network just expanded exponentially as when your mates are chatting with someone walk over and get introduced. See where this is going? Of course you do.

Try it some time, it’s a lot of fun.

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