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Random Day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today started as every day for me starts, I got out of bed when I was good and ready. Truth be told, ended up staying up to the ungodly hour of 4AM last night, buying stocks after a night out, probably not the best idea but “only time will tell”. In true spirit of “you never know, unless you go” I “stumbled upon” a really cool guest house in Kuala Lumpur, I’m not staying there but it as cool.

Fell out of bed and into the clothes I wore the day before, who cares what clothes you wear, they’re only clothes. I had some good eats at the local buffet around the corner, my meal cost me ~$5 for a massive plate of well look below and a drink, not bad, yes?

After that I went on a mission, a to find out where I got lost last night and b to buy a laptop lock. I was going to buy one at best buy in Los Angeles but they were sold out, considering they sold me a crappy defective memory card for my digi cam, I’m glad I didn’t give them another dime of my arguably hard earned money.

You can’t fight fate, you got that? Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Almost as though our lives are totally planned out, everyone’s life is just intertwined and playing along in a most majestic symphony. The catch is you have NO CLUE what will happen so you, at every stop, like a choose your own adventure book must make your decisions, ultimately at any given time in life, you can only make 1 decision. As a result things could be planned but you’d never know and regardless of mental indecision you will still end up doing something at any given time, yes? Let me elaborate.

So I leave the curry place, drop my aviators and I’m flying in my own world again. Go to cross the street but realize “too risky, better chill for a second.” I see this backpacker from somewhere in Europe gesture a “better wait a minute”. He takes the ear phone out of his ear and says “Hey, you were in Koh Tao right?” to which I quipped, “Soitenly (sic)”. Then he said that he remembered me from the ferry. What are the odds? I mean, had I stopped to tie my shoe, look at a store, anything… I think I like golf because it’s similar to life, golf is a game of inches, life is a game of seconds.

Turns out he is looking for a guest house and I, as per usual, have no plan, nothing I need to do and nothing but time on my side. As a result I say “let’s go find one” as I’m always on the lookout for a better deal, even when it appears I couldn’t care less.

We wander around, find the place I was yesterday, turns out it’s really close, I was just so disoriented from the path I took with the ladies that I had no clue and as a result, walked in totally the wrong way.

We look around, keep walking thinking I know where I’m going until I realize I have no clue, went back to reggae bar area to look from there. Directly across the street there is a place, look below.

So we decided hey, why not start here and proceed. This place is cheaper it’s 25ringgit a night, which is 50% of what I’m paying, I’m intrigued. The stairwell is well filthy and when we get there, wow, it’s like a zen garden.

Check out the place, it’s cool but the rooms are kinda like firetraps and the bed looked dirty. Frankly, if I’m paying under $20US a night for lodging or under ~$600 a month, that’s a good deal in my opinion. The little bit of mold in my room is no longer a concern whatsoever.

This place had a crazy variety of creatures from the depths of the sea. I love fish, I love marine animals, wow, why haven’t I done my diving license yet? I digress.

He takes the place and we roll back to Reggae Bar for a drink where I took the photo below. Bob had it all figured out, too bad he’s dead, RIP.

After that go through some mall of random kiosks, I want a sim card, a laptop lock and he wants to fix his camera, let’s call him … Mr. Blue. Mr. Blue and I peruse the place and I pick up a laptop lock for $7US, haha considering I still have my laptop, I’m glad I didn’t waste another dime in an over-priced American “big box bs store”.

Sim cards, this one guy wanted 30 ringgit, this lady I saw yesterday offered me the same deal for 10 ringgit, I was off to find the lady in a nice kiosk, in another mall with the great smile. I find her and I buy the card. They wanted my passport as they register all phones here, despite having it in my pocket I said, “no, I’m not giving you my passport”. She said, that’s cool what name do you want it registered to, so I gave one. That’s that, I now have a Malaysian phone. Side note, always be cautious crossing the street, it should be your #1 concern in some of these countries.

Then as I’m walking into this super market, this lady grabs my arm and starts rubbing cream on it. Suddenly I’m in a sales pitch. I’ll have you know I don’t buy any “skin care products”. Heck, I still have 90% of my sun tan lotion I bought 2 months ago, ok I bought Aloe Vera but when you’re fried, lobster red, what you gonna do? Long story short she’s rubbing it on my hand, it felt good haha, then my skin starts coming off, then she compares it to my other hand, what is this stuff.

She offers me all these deals I’m like no, no, no, no, no,no until finally she winks and offers me 1 vile for 10 ringgit, it started at 3 for 45. I said “sure”. I wonder if I can sell it on ebay? hmmmm.

I’m zoned out and tired as sin. It’s almost 9PM in Malaysia and dare I say, I think I’m going to go eat some curry and pass out. (Like that’s gonna happen) I can party any night, weeknights and weekends are a fantasy built for the workforce, I can sleep any night, I don’t have to make the most of any day because there is always tomorrow (unless I die of course).

Good day,

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