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Lost in Kuala Lumpur Night Life

Wow, what an evening in the Kuala Lumpur Nightlife.

At 8PM I met up with a British lady I met in Krabi, she had 3 Aussie ladies she met at the hostel with her. We proceed to a Reggae Bar and began drinking. I was going to leave until the Tequila came, then suddenly I turned into “Robocop”, once again. The nightlife in Kuala Lumpur is great, but you need to know where your hotel is!

We partied with arguably the most international crowd I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking with. I’m talking, Norway, Spain, Venezuela, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Jordan, Thailand and others that elude me right now. The music was good and the dancing was great.

Being the gentleman that I am, I escorted the women home, had a drink then went on my way. The ladies lived somewhat off the beaten path, I mistook a landmark for something I knew and proceed onwards.

I walked, and walked and walked. I walked until I knew I was totally lost, I backtracked, I went by my landmarks and kept going. At this point I ONLY KNEW 1 road so I went there and began walking. Suddenly I was near the place we partied but still hopelessly lost. When lost in strange cities, late at night is VITAL you look like you know where you’re going, even when totally and completely lost, if not, you become an easy mark.

Finally I went into a hotel and asked for a map, it was different then the one I had. I went to another hotel and got another map. The lady showed me somewhat were to go, again I took a wrong turn until I saw a sign I recognized from today when I bought the adapter. Finally I was on my way home.

I just spent 2 hours walking around the side roads of Kuala Lumpur without the slightest idea where I was. I saw roaches, rats and all sorts of other vermin feasting on the left overs of the day.

For what it’s worth, outside the MacDonald’s, I saw a swarm of maybe 60 roaches, all big enough to well, I dunno but they were LARGE. I also saw rats the size of my sneakers fighting over pieces of food before retreating to the sewers as I walked by.

Strangers whispered “Hey Friend…” and what not, I just kept walking. I walked like I knew where I was going despite being hopelessly lost. It was a learning experience. ALWAYS write down the hotel name and address when going out in a strange city. This reminds me of my bed bugs incident… I’m glad it happened but while I was lost, it was quite stressful, this won’t happen again.

The night life in Kuala Lumpur is great, the drinks are quite pricey compared to Thailand yet still reasonable compared to back home and a bargain compared to Las Vegas.

I am now retiring at 1:41am, still exhausted from the bus ride but glad I went out. Seriously, write down your hotel, when lost and you don’t even know the street or hotel, it’s horrible… I’m just glad I remembered a major hotel nearby or I’d still be wandering the streets aimlessly.

1 love,

P.S there is a big mold conglomeration on my ceiling, should I be worried? What’s a bigger risk, some mold or smoking? Undecided but both isn’t good.

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