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Old Town Budva, Montenegro at Night


Above is a quick video I filmed on a random night out with my friend @Croyable while in old town Budva, Montenegro. This video will give you a glimpse of what the old town scene is all about. It’s one of my favorite spots these days as it has everything I need to be happy and more. Beaches a minute or two away, lots of interesting people, countless dining options and a solid nightlife which seems to get going every night at about 10:30PM or so; before that it’s kinda slow but after that it’s full on.

I spent a good two weeks or so in Montenegro and really loved it. I used Budva as my base and besides a few days in a hotel, spent most of my time in an apartment which I rented in the heart of the old town. If you are going to be coming to Budva for a few days or so, I highly suggest you spend your time and especially nights in the old town as it’s where all the action is happening. During the day you can make countless trips to other spots on the Budva Riviera or Montenegro in general.


Then again, Budva isn’t that different than lots of places, is it? It makes sense to stay where the action is happening and venture off to do other activities during the day. Much like on some small islands it makes more sense to live in the small village to partake in the nightlife and take day treks to the remote beaches type thing… I’d go back to Budva in a heartbeat and loved it so much I flew my mom out for a visit.

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In closing, big thanks to Budva Travel for their hospitality; appreciated.

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