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Video: Biking Along Bay of Kotor in Perast, Montenegro


The video above is from an afternoon spent biking along the Bay of Kotor in the lovely old town of Perast, Montenegro. I really loved Perast and it’s one of those incredibly quiet spots where you forget about the stresses of the world. It’s not a large place but it’s right along the bay and it has all sorts of little restaurants on the waters edge. If you do go, I suggest you rent a bike like we did for next to nothing as it’s a great way to see the place.

Also, don’t just show up but make an afternoon or a day of it. Grab some bikes and have a backpack with what you’ll need. Go for a swim, then find something to eat at one of the restaurants along the bay or simply pack a picnic. When I brought my mom to Montenegro, this was one of the places I wanted to show her but when we first arrived it was raining and when we made it back to Montenegro we were tired and she had a long flight the next day.


Getting to Perast is easy as it’s only a few minutes by car from the town of Kotor. You can also access it by boats that leave from Kotor should one wish. If you’ve got a car you could also easily make a day trip to Perast from the Budva Riviera as it’s only a ~30 minute drive. My advice would be to make it a day trip to visit both Perast and Kotor if you have a car. If you don’t have a car and traveling around by bus, maybe spend a night or so in Kotor and spend one of the days / afternoons lounging by the bay in Perast.

Big thanks to my friends at Budva Travel for their hospitality, great times hanging with them.

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3 thoughts on “Video: Biking Along Bay of Kotor in Perast, Montenegro

  1. Love that scenery over there Rob. Looks bloody fantastic! And liking the videos you’re making, too. A nice hint of comedy in there to make it more than just a good scene.

    This is exactly what I’ll be doing in a few weeks up and over Singaraja. Bikes is the best way to get a good look on everything at a steady place 🙂

    Cheers Rob, giving it a tweet,


    1. Indeed, I’m enjoying the whole process of making the videos as well; they just take so long to edit! That said, with practice everything gets easier.

      Thanks for the tweet & feedback and looking forward to seeing some of your videos in the coming weeks. Bikes are great for a few reasons including the fact you can get some smooth footage instead of the walking wobble.

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