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Off to Southern Thai Beaches, I Think.

The SUN IS SHINING and today is looking like it’s going to be a block buster. I’m trying to decide whether to check out of my hotel and just “Wing it” until I hear from a new friend going south, to the beaches. That or just leave tomorrow. If I wasn’t flip flopping on the idea like John Kerry in a debate, I’d know where he was and be on my way.

I don’t know where you are, where you’re from or what you’re doing… I wish you could be here RIGHT NOW, this day is just bliss.

You know the movie Happy Gilmore, you know his “Happy Place”? I’m there right now, drinking some freshly squeezed OJ for 80 cents, waiting for someone to call me so we can have breakfast. Life is great, and hope you’re doing great.

After yesterday’s scare with bed bug bites, delving deep into the dirtier side of life, I’m pleased to report I think I made it out “unscathed”. I’ve been showering like a neurotic for the last 36 hours and as I mentioned, I threw out all my clothes that touched that dirty, dirty bed. Seriously, tiger balm is the balm, I mean bomb. Get some, it’s like duct tape, so versatile.

My friend’s bus was out of near MBK so I went back with our “crew”, again, needed new clothes, again, after last night. Turns out, there are 3-4 malls of equal size in the same area, I digress.

I hesitantly agreed to go see a movie to kill time before my friends 14 hour bus ride south. WOW! They only had “VIP Theater” seats left, they were 30 baht more or $1. Total the price was 250 baht. When you get your ticket they also give you a drink ticket, I thought that was pretty cool. These theaters are off the hook, seriously. Huge, reclining red seats similar to first class on a plane, only better.They actually reminded me of a big red couch I was hanging out on in an upscale lounge in the Vegas Hilton a week or so ago. You get a blanket and can order whatever you want as waiters come through the isles. They have 6 seats per row in sets of 2 to give you an idea of the space you get. In Bangkok, they know how to treat if you if you’re willing to pay.

I’m thinking of catching a flight south to visit my friend in the islands where they filmed “The Beach” today. After that, I will go north, to fish for Mekong Catfish(arguably biggest in the world). Lot’s of people don’t know about the catfish up there. If I can’t find any tours… I may just hire a translator and go “solo”. If I catch a monster, I may have to “stay a while” and set up a tour. Check the photo’s below for what I’m talking about.

Good day to you.

P.S: I went to check the stock market yesterday and was shocked it was closed. I have no concept of time. Monday, Friday, Sunday? It’s all the same to me and I’m thrilled about it. When you work 9-5, you get more income, but you have bigger expenses and less time. Everything in life is a trade off, prioritize!

P.P.S – Just checked out wikipedia… It’s illegal to fish for them. As a result, forget that trip, and if I do take it… You definitely won’t be hearing about it. Just kidding, I’d rather drink gasoline then face jail time in Thailand, seriously. That said, what if you’re just fishing and catch one? Hmmm.

P.P.P.S – The photo of the beach below, I actually had one just like that as my background at work for years, dreaming of going there, I had no clue it was in Thailand, uncanny really. I must go, I will go.

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