Late Night Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

This is NOT the video I wanted to upload, but having tried 3 times to upload it and finally getting it… May as well share it, even though I deemed it “not share worthy”, yesterday . I must say, it was much to my chagrin, when I finally saw the video and realized it wasn’t the one I spent time editing this morning.

This was from my 1st night here, I was with the guy I met in Taipei, we went for drinks and met a some people from Romania, Israel and another Canadian who I’m still traveling with.

Our Tuk Tuk Drivers were nuts, right before this, he did 3 catwalks from the stop lights, he did one soooo big that our entire back end was rubbing, ala sparks, with a bus behind us. It was truly nuts. I’m pleased to report, none of us spilt our drinks during this ordeal.

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