Night Trains from Oslo, Norway to Amsterdam, Netherlands via Lund, Goteborg and Berlin

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First let me say, COFFEE KILLS CREATIVITY, seriously. This is a tale of a night and day trains from Oslo, Norway to Amsterdam, Netherlands via Goteborg ,Lund Sweden and Berlin, Germany.

Norway is brain dead expensive, even for someone notoriously loose with their wallet. 12E for a big mac combo, 4E for a coke, huh??

If you want to bounce from Oslo and get back to Amsterdam, it will cost you ~25E aka 200kr. Took a 1pm to Goteborg, Sweden. From there took a train to Lund. From Lund, took a night train to Berlin (Sleeper is only option and 20E) with a Eurail pass. Arrived in Berlin at 6am, took a 6:35 train to Amsterdam or just outside and then you jump on an inner city line to Amsterdam.

I had things to say before I drank coffee, it sucks. Even when alone, you will always meet interesting people for part or all of your journey. Met some cool Spanish people in Stavanger, they were on most of the trip.

Oslo downtown seems quite cool, never really ventured too deep, it was time to get some spending power. The train was relaxed, no hassles. One thing to note is that the train from Lund to Berlin goes on a ferry. Massive ferry if a train can fit on it, that was a first.

When getting overnights, opt for the bottom bunk, it is hands down the best for multiple reasons. Met a couple from LA going the rest of the way, they were really cool. If one day, I am 1/3 as cool as the guy and my wife is 1/2 as beautiful, I will have done well. Meeting people is part of the trip, no time to be a hopeless introvert.

Once you hit Sweden, you will feel it is cheap, stock up. In Lund across from the station there is a big grocery store, use it. Lund / Malamo are interesting. Closest part to Denmark, beautiful sea, in the summer must be nice. This time of year, not so much.

Arrived in Amsterdam at 1pm the next day. If you are going to Amsterdam and DO NOT know people at a hotel who will check your luggage free, BE SURE to check it at the train station. Once you hit the coffee shops, looking after all your gear will become a serious pain, may even cause you anxiety, for real.

Ran into a friend of mine and basically hung out in Amsterdam until 8pm where I caught an over night. I have realized Amsterdam is great to hang out in, horrible to wake up in. If you have a pass, why not mix it up. Also, during prime time aka summer, it may be cheaper to take an overnight, hang out in another country then come back the next day.

Met a hilarious guy from Berlin, maybe 45 from the middle east. Found the train with him in Lund turned out same cabin. These 2 massive Austrian ladies were right above us and we saw the whole bed creaking as they got in.

He did not speak English, I did not speak German but we got along fine making kid like facial expressions of I HOPE THIS DOES NOT BREAK. He then flipped to his stomach as in, if it breaks this is the least painful way to take it. Not sure how much they hold, but a lot.

It was a good 24 hour ride through epic scenery for a mere 25E. 25E is about 24 minutes in Amsterdam for this gent.

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Author: SHABL

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9 thoughts on “Night Trains from Oslo, Norway to Amsterdam, Netherlands via Lund, Goteborg and Berlin

  1. HEYY!!

    your trip sounds awesome!! i’ve just started planning my itinerary for my very first solo trip around sweden and the nearby regions ( from1 dec-20 dec). the thing is.. i’m bunking in with a friend in lund, but i really want to travel outwards.. just to see more places. the trouble is, i don’t have any particular place i’d absolutely want to visit… i’ve just been reading up on a few destinations.

    have you any recommendations of a travel route maybe? i’m kinda on a budget. still a student trying to see as much of the world as possible before “life” kicks in. i’d really like your point of view on this, if you could help me out 🙂

    thanks alot in advance!

    (from singapore!)

    1. Trains are expensive, see if you can take a bus or look online for ride shares. It’s a beautiful part of the world but be warned… Finland / Denmark / Sweden and Finland are some of the most expensive places in the world.

      Good luck!

        1. google it, like people going somewhere that are willing to take a stranger for some cash. I’ve never done it just heard of them. Just remember that to save money, you need to plan. Last minute ANYTHING will cost more 9/10 times.

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