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Back in Budapest, Indeed


Wow, what a week, what a 176 hour train trip though 7 or 8 or 9 countries. Visited Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and now back in Hungary, yeah 8 countries. Glad to finally have a bed and a shower but also kinda feel like, really, it is over?

Craziest week of my life, ridiculous and opened my eyes to a whole new way to travel if you have a pass that enables you too and a lot of energy to burn. Awesome.

Met a Swedish lady who works in Paris on her way to Budapest this morning in Munich, suggested I join her, I did. Got to Vienna and realized I should go to Prague so I got off. Then realized about half way there that Prague was not the answer, back to Vienna and grabbed a train to Budapest.

Prague is good for a few reasons, cheap flights to Asia, capital so you can reach embassies and relatively cheap. A gent I met on the train basically answered a question, talk about timing.

I must be over tired.

I need a shower and a hot meal. Not in that order.

If you have a continuous, consider 5 days on the road, chill out for 3 at fav spot after, rinse, repeat. Perfect for 1st time through Europe, some cities you will love, others like, others not care to go back. May as well sample every flavor before eating too much of any one…

I had a good run but left out way too many places, may be getting another Eurail pass to continue this adventure.

From here? Africa, Asia or Croatia.

Tips hat,

P.S: Awesome seeing everyone in Amsterdam on Thursday and Saturday.

P.P.S: Just had dinner with a drink for 2.7E, the way things should be.

P.P.P.S: A guy I just ran into met these guys in a surf town and chilled for a few days, you will NEVER KNOW unless YOU GO. Let other people deal with regrets. Regrets are basically the most costly thing out there.

Search Du Jour: “blog playboy sweden” – Result, here.

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