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New Years Eve on Little Corn, Nicaragua


New Years Eve on Little Corn Island was pretty good and recommend it if you ever find yourself in the area. Seems like the whole island poured into “Tranquilo” and stuff got out of hand in an orderly fashion. At midnight there was a huge fireworks show as randoms swam around without a care in the world. This French couple met the magical mystery lobster man who dispenses a pound of fresh lobster for $5. They had two good size tails each, enough food envy though.

If you want to use wifi, go to Cafe Desideri, they will let you just sip a beer or three and play on wifi, recommended. Naturally if you want anything done in a timely fashion, get it done before you leave. The Claro lady may be opening on Tuesday, maybe. Turns out the diving here is quite cheap. Believe a PADI certification is $309, I paid somewhere in the $220-$260 open water certification in Kalkan, Turkey.

One believes this would be a good place to get the advanced open water, if so inclined. Supposedly the open water is $250US and includes 5 dives. A refresher course for $65 wouldn’t be a bad investment either considering scuba diving is a dream until it’s a nightmare. From my limited research have found that there are two major diving schools the Dolphin Scuba and Dive Little Corn. Supposedly the Dolphin get up is local so would probably go do whatever needs to be done there, #golocal. The whole island has a sorta “whatever” vibe to how people live their lives as long as they are respectful of others, I dig it.

To say this place is laid back would be an understatement. It may have just piqued my interest to explore small islands in obscure places, is there anything finer? Would continue but believe the magical mystery lobster man may be about and I’m dying to dive into a plate full of tail. Oh yeah, if you want things, gotta grab them while they are there… When things run out the restock answer is “when the next boat shows up”. Finally, they speak Creole, English, Spanish and a bit of French here #interestinghistory…

Happy New Years and make 2012 a year to see more of the world,

P.S: Little Corn gets two egregious thumbs up from SHABL in the enjoyable sleepy Caribbean island department.

P.P.S: A distinguished gent passed this article to me – “Nurse Reveals Top 5 Regrets of the Dying”, worth a read.

P.P.P.S: The gent above is part of the wheel-barrow taxi mafia, haven’t seen a person ride in one yet…

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