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Little Corn Island, Nicaragua is Tranquilo


This update from Little Corn Island would have been sooner if yours truly didn’t run into a random kid selling “patties” filled with beef. If one wasn’t a good idea, six definitely wasn’t and have just spent the last 24 hours dying in a hot hotel room with sweats, aches and more. Rule of thumb, never buy cooked foods that haven’t just been made, in front of you. If you consistently run red lights, have to anticipate a few accidents…

Too many photos and too much information to discuss on the trip from Managua to Little Corn so we’ll keep this brief. Will note that we did catch a cargo ship and it only cost $8.69US. The island is very small, accommodation is very reasonable, food is considerably more expensive, internet is hard to come by and only a few places offer wifi, typically cafes with pricey food. You can live in town or on the beach. The beach is the far-side of the island, stayed there a night and it’s very “tranquilo”. The port area of the city is also laid back and some more amenities, that’s where I am now since getting ill.

People come here to go diving or do nothing and the population of Little Corn is roughly 1000 people. It sort of reminds me of Koh Tao, Thailand only less people. There is a real feeling of being removed from everything as these two islands basically are. Big Corn isn’t big, it should be called “Small Corn” and this one should be called “Tiny Corn”. There are no motorized vehicles, only small wheel-barrow taxis, honest.

Seems like a place someone could recharge or straight up reset their batteries. The one month promotion on my gsm modem has expired at a time it would be most useful. There is a Claro store here but naturally, they are never open. The whole concept of “island time” really applies in a most significant manner.

Finally, there is no power until 6PM and this seems applicable the entire island.

It’s New Years, time to see what transpires.

Tips hat,

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