Make Your Daily Water Drinking Routine More Fun With Your Unique Bottle

There is absolutely no excuse for not drinking enough water with so many different devices and things that can help you hit your daily water intake. You know that staying hydrated is one of the most important things for your physique.

How come? It is the food for all the cells in your body to stay functional and one of the most important fuels for your brain and mind. Being dehydrated can manifest in a number of different symptoms, and some can even lead to more severe diseases.


Given that water makes up 60% of your body, you may want to keep this level of water in your body. Having a nice water bottle and changing your water routine can certainly help you with this, and here is how. 

Custom Labeled Water Bottles 

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then having your own, custom labeled water bottle is the shortest way to it. Basically, the concept is to have your own logo and your own bottle. There are companies that manufacture bottled water and allow you to design your own logo to be printed on the bottle.

To that end, having a custom bottle of water is like promoting your personal brand and it will have a positive impact on your daily water intake index since you will subconsciously want to show off your personalized water bottle more. 

Besides, you will have an item that looks great and water that tastes perfect. This can be a very smart business move if you are a business owner, as it can help you advertise your company and be more noticed. 

Smart Devices 

Today, everything is smart, and so are the devices that will constantly remind you to drink more water. Since some people, because of the number of things they need to handle on a daily basis, forget to drink water or even eat, patent developers have created a bunch of apps or even devices that will help you track the desired water intake.

Some smart devices can be attached to the bottle itself. Typically, these devices come with a water bottle, but the benefit of theirs is that they can be attached to the bottle you already have. A device such as H20Pal will help you track your daily water intake and will remind you to chug some water through the app. 

Smart Water Bottles 

We have already talked about the devices that will notify you to drink water and will note down the intake, but let us tell you a couple of things about smart water bottles. These gadgets were released recently and are battery-powered, vacuum-insulated stainless steel bottles, which are double-walled, come in two sizes (17 and 21 ounces), and offer you a choice of two sipping systems (straw or chug lid).

There is a program connected to the bottle that calculates your hydration needs and how to reach your goal based on factors such as your physiology, exercise, and weather. The bottle will glow when it is time for you to drink some water. This is beyond a genius gadget. 

Hydration Challenges 

Even though it seems like way too much drama over hydration, we are, however, not aware of how negatively it can influence our overall health, so it is time to make it a habit. Some people have come up with the idea of making habit kits, which are based on the seven-day-long water drinking challenge.

The kit consists of a super fancy water bottle and a booklet where you can find all of the benefits of being hydrated. This bottle comes in a silicone sleeve with beads on top of it. So, whenever you take a sip of water, you will need to take one bead. Old school, but super effective. 

Flavored Water 

Some water bottle producers went a step further and created a bottle with flavor pods integrated into the bottle. If plain water is too plain for you, then give a chance to the water bottles that make your water have a different taste.

All you need to do is to push the button. Namely, these pods release flavor and a whole bunch of nutrients such as multivitamins, immune-supporting nutrients such as vitamin C and zinc, and antioxidants. Also, the pods are fruit flavored, which can make them super tempting.

We all know the importance of hydration and how strongly it can influence our bodies. However, did you know how bottles can be an important factor in the process? From smart bottles that will notify you when to chug some water to the ones wearing your customized label, all of them can influence you to drink water more often than you previously did. 

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