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Looks like 2010 is almost over?

It would appear as though the end of 2010 is here, about time. Hopefully you are somewhere warm, anywhere warm for that matter. Being cold is an atrocity against mankind at best. That said I am uncomfortably warm right now, a fan could be arranged but I choose to suffer. I remember walking around with wet salty dress shoes after shivering in a car that never got warmed up before it got to work.

I digress.

So the year is over, is it really a big deal? Tomorrow is New Years and as always it will be a night where the bars are filled with amateurs and people taking up space in the swamp that is the bar. Standing there like rocks blocking the other fish, frogs and freakish amphibians as they frolic about, sometimes frantically. That said I did spend last New Years sleeping at a train station in Yogya, talk about lack of planning.

It was a good year here despite the whole forehead cracking incident and buying a lot of VXX in July. Now comes the arduous task of making goals and hatching elaborate plans to some extent. 2010 was the first full year of travel and it was a nice way to spend time. Traveling is starting to get tiresome to be frank, hence the longer stays in places of late.

So what are your travel plans for 2011? If you have never been to SE Asia, get on it. If you’ve never done that trek, make it your first stop in a trip around the world. It’s very reasonable cost wise and a fun learning experience like non other. Had I not already done it and then spent an additional 2 months in Thailand, I’d be all over it.

Seriously, start with SE Asia, you won’t be disappointed. I wish there was another place just like it that I had not gone yet, there is only one though and it’s very popular for too many reasons.

Apart from that I’m glad the power is back on and took a long walk from the round about in Arusha to a home outside Njgiro. First time getting out and about, you know… Walking around, doing lots of head nodding and trying random beverages and foods in street side cafes. You can get a massive bottle of coke for $0.33 and buy single cigarettes for $0.10 haha talk about a dream.

Lets imagine you went from Thailand to say Laos or Cambodia. You’d notice the quantity, quality and cleanliness of the street food being offered would have declined. Huge decline when you get here, mainly fried bananas or mutton.

We’re done here.

Happy New Years,

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