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Little Corn Island Lumber Yard



Let’s talk about the lumber yard on Little Corn Island.

Since Little Corn isn’t that far from the mainland, most of the lumber comes in these small sailboats called “Cat Boats” which are usually from Puerto Cabeza or somewhere in that region. It’s quite the trip as these small boats sail for ~24 hours in decent weather and all the lumber is then moved to the shores and sold. At times you’ll see many boats come at once and it reminds me of Asia where you’ll have four people selling the same product at the same price right next to each other.

The other option is going to Big Corn Island and having it shipped to Little Corn. In reality, I believe all the lumber comes from the same place so going to the big island is just an extra headache and expense. You can pre-order lumber if you’ve got specific requirements but if not, just show up and buy what you need when the lumber is around.


If you’re not moving the lumber too far from the shores, you can also pay the gents who brought the lumber here to back it to wherever you’ll be storing it for an additional fee. I’m quite sure I bought more lumber than necessary but lumber is always good to have, you can always find a use for it and better to have too much than too little. Once the boats are gone, so is the lumber and your guess is as good as mine when they will be back.

I spoke with one of the captains yesterday and at some point in the future, I’d love to take that ride back to the mainland. From there I’d work my way south back to Bluefields and probably just fly to Corn Island after. I think going one way would be enough and an incredibly unique and authentic experience. I asked the captain how much and he looked at me sort of puzzled before replying “nothing”. Supposedly the whole Caribbean coast is beyond beautiful and I’m eager to explore it.


Happy Easter Weekend to you and yours.

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