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Kicking it and Chilling Hard in Cusco, Peru


Greetings from Cusco,

I’m in a big old bedroom with three beds! One is my office, the other my closet and another a place where I lay on my back at night dreaming of cuy asado. I’m on the top floor and besides this Parisian dude. I’ve seen no one, to my right is a big old kitchen where in the mornings this lovely Peruvian lady makes me eggs and talks to me about life; life is ok…


Cusco is Inca Town and basically the capital of their civilization from what I’ve gathered but I’m no pro, yes? There are colonial churches everywhere and each step is like reading a page of history. It’s got the coolest central market I’ve ever seen with literally aisles and aisles of juice vendors and oh you know how I love me some good juice. I stroll through while singing songs of happiness, laughing like a lunatic out loud and drinking cheap juice until my stomach explodes; go home and repeat it all.


There is lots to do like walk around watching the world go by while munching massive pieces of watermelon, eating cuy asado,  buying meat skewers like I’m in SE Asia and eating sensational chickens soup like grandma used to make on the streets. Oh how I love this place!! I rolled into the market and bought a big old bag of vegetables as I’m trying to get my immunity up for a 27 hour trip to Australia and it cost me $1.80?!


I was strolling down a street when a lady asked if I wanted a massage, I said yes please. I’ve now had three and plan on having another. They are neither expensive or cheap but it’s actually a steal for an Inca massage or a hot stone massage high in the cold mountains. I could go on but you get the idea I do believe. The Plaza de Armas is quite cool too and great for people watching.


There are things to do around the city, lots of hikes for the quick dry pants crowd but I’m just laying low in this big triple bedroom blogging like the wind, working like a walrus and binge eating like a buffalo. Life is a funny game where when you make a commitment cool things appear. If I was not out of here soon, could easily make a little base here as this place is very productive for me.


Turns out I’m flying to Lima, Peru tomorrow as it only costs $140US as I’m 100% over night buses, 2014 is the year of the plane. Taking a bus through the Andes is like writing this blog on a type-writer when I have access to a perfectly good laptop, yes? I suggest you read the night bus that broke this dufflebag carrying traveler’s back.


I’ll tell ya something random and cool that happened which is somewhat eventful. I was like wow, I need some new v-neck white t-shirts so I hit the streets and went from one market to another. From one cab driver to another and asked where to find my beloved shirts to one sister then a brother but no dice. I ended up at some mall but the point is I drove all over the city and it’s quite cool; recommend.


I’d go on but I have things to do as tomorrow this dream is over and just like that my two months in South America will be done. It’s been a blast but I’m ready to leave. South America isn’t a place where my soul feels it belongs besides perhaps Buenos Aires and the beaches of Uruguay; that said you can’t see the world without seeing the world, can you?




Shocked at how little I’ve actually done here, become recluse ala Howard Hughes style.

I eat some guinea pig and it tasted like skin and bones; video coming.

I’d go on but it’s time for a serious juice binge…

Flicks trucker cap,

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