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Off to Italy


I’m off to Italy in 19 minutes or so but thought I’d let you know what was happening before I leave. Spain just flew by and I’ve got some photos and stories to share but more on that later, perhaps. I haven’t been in Italy since 2011 when my mother came to visit. Time is flying in this game called life, it’s important to do things that make memories. If not, you might just be left sitting there one day asking “What happened? Where did time go?”

I’m going to be in the Puglia region of Italy along the Adriatic Sea for the next week or so. I’m flying from Valencia to Rome in a few hours then transferring over to Puglia. I’m meeting up with a host of other interesting characters from around the globe which should add to the excitement. I’ve met a few here and there before and some are new faces which is always fun.

Supposedly the food and wine are out of this world.

Above all else, I’m looking forward to the next adventure.

Tips hat,

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