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Trip to Dentist in Dubrovnik, Croatia



Having been on the road awhile, I’m the type who doesn’t have a regular anything when it comes to medicare. As a result, I tend to get work done whenever needed, wherever I am. I was in Dubrovnik for a while and decided it was time for another teeth cleaning when I saw a sign while strolling down the street. Sure enough this place had a class waiting room and one of the better cleanings I’ve had in recent memory; even used some new technology I’d yet to see…

With this last job, I’ve had my teeth cleaned in nearly a dozen or so places in the last five years. I’m a big fan of medical tourism and think it’s only going to rise in popularity over the years. When I tell people I’ve had my teeth cleaned in say China, Panama, Poland, Turkey, Tanzania, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama or Thailand, they still look at me funny as though I’m living on the edge. I’ve found that the only real difference between simple dental procedures in various countries is price…

I’m convinced through my dental adventures that you can get top quality service with knowledgeable staff almost anywhere in the world at a wide range of prices. The cost of a cleaning in Dubrovnik was 50E and it could be more affordable or expensive elsewhere in the city, who knows? It’s still a fair price though to maintain a priceless set of tools you use everyday, yes? You’ve only got one set and if you think of it as a car, it’s a lot easier to clean every few weeks than spend a summer sanding off rust.

While chatting with some ladies in the area, they informed me that medical tourism is starting to be on the rise in the whole area. Something people need to consider with traveling for medical care is that you get to recover in beautiful inspiring spots like say Dubrovnik, Croatia? Not only that but often the whole procedure, airfare included is a fraction of the price; doesn’t it just make sense? The most affordable cleaning I’ve ever gotten was in Thailand or China for ~$5USD.

In closing, nothing feels like freshly cleaned teeth and wouldn’t hesitate to revisit a Dubrovnik Dentist.

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