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Ice Fishing in Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland

Moi from Finland, SHABL!

Far from vacationing in St. Lucia, I’m currently traveling around Suomi aka Finland with my partner in crime- my iPhone. I’ll be here for about 2 1/2 weeks in total as a guest of Visit Finland on a not-so-typical press trip in which I’ve taken over their Instagram account. You can read more of the details over on The Blonde Gypsy or follow along @OurFinland and @TheBlondeGypsy, but right here and right now I want to make up for lost time with a little video I put together just for you guys.

Considering it has to do with a topic that is often discussed on this blog, one that I have NEVER been able to contribute to, I have to say I am super stoked I was given the opportunity to do this because Lord knows I couldn’t have attempted it on my own. Also great is that I was able to capture it all on film and turn it into a little episode that will hopefully give you a good sense of what it’s like to go fishing, ice fishing, as far north as you can get in the European Union – Utsjoki in Finnish Lapland.

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Kiitos to EPELI KY (Eki Lukkari) for taking me out and showing me the ropes/lines and Maria from Utsjoki Tourism for being such a great fishing companion. If you can’t view the video above for some reason, try this this link.

9 thoughts on “Ice Fishing in Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland

    1. They do but of course you can also just go to the store and pick some up too if you don’t feel like making the trek out 🙂 I did eat it, was tasty!

  1. i did this in wisconsin once. i was kind of only in it for the drinking aspect (apparently the people of wisconsin can’t ice fish sober). something tells me it is much more fun in the arctic circle. great video!

  2. SISTER! Please visit me in near Kuopio, lakeside of this amazing beatiful country. I will show you how good life is in nature.True experience.See you ,,Enjoy Antti Sharkbrother

    1. Ah would have loved to but I’m already in Helsinki. Spent some time in Savonlinna, but have also heard a lot of great things about Kuopio. Next trip!

    2. Good to hear from you Antti!

      I’m writing this from the office and the mahi mahi are running off the coast. Everything here is cool as usual – full power, tight lines and bent rods. Hope all is well and see you in Nepal if not back on the island, good sir.

      Larissa – Next time you’re in Finland, take him up on the offer.

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