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Adopting a Near Dead Street Dog in Nicaragua: Welcome “CHOPS”


Today, let’s discuss the important matter of adopting near dead street dogs in places such as oh, say, Nicaragua. I am selective and not just some Mother Theresa running around handing out chicken bones and freshly fried fish heads, no. Suffice to say a little dog the size of a cat came into my life a while ago, he got hacked in the head aka chopped in the head with a machete and looked near dead with blood oozing from his skull. Since we’ve both found ourselves laying on the street with blood oozing from our skulls and lived to tell the tale, I have a soft spot for him.

He lived and he’s joined the jovial SHABL Empire 4 LIFE.

Long story short, this guy had a huge laceration on his head and without antibiotics or anything, he’s bounced back. I’ve started feeding him and introducing him to some other tough street dogs I know to make them aware he’s with me now. I’ve arranged with a local friend living here to ensure he’s fed while I’m gone but remember; Chops isn’t some domesticated donkey, he’s a survivor who eats rotten eggs that fry on the mean streets and licks fish guts off hot concrete.

We’ve named him “Chops” as well, he’s been chopped. Other names include Mr. Chop, Choppaaah, Chopathaniel Choppra, Ozo or Skinny Ozo. After a rough life, he’s found his new home and when I build a place here, he’ll be one of the residents who tend to the flowers and fends off prowlers taking on the role of late night growler. Normally I don’t do this type of thing but buddy needed a bone and I’m quasi living here so, why not?

I’ve found feeding a dog will make them like you, old news though. I’ve also found that if you remove their ticks, they will love you. I started doing this during my stint in Africa where you can see ticks the size of dimes hanging from the dogs. Something I like about a street dog is you can feed and chill with them but don’t need to baby them. These dogs know how to survive / eat chicken bones and the outcome is they get a master and you get a loyal minion.

I’ve got visions of us floating through fields of flowers while dining on lobster tails and quenching our thirst with tall martinis.

Tips hat,

P.S: On chop pic, that hole in fur was a monster tick, gruesome.

P.P.S: Grainy photos are better than no photos at 2-5kb/s uploads.

16 thoughts on “Adopting a Near Dead Street Dog in Nicaragua: Welcome “CHOPS”

  1. Good on ya for helpin’ out a hound man! He’ll bring all sorts of joy to your life i’m sure! Perhaps fleas too 😉 Oh the Fllllleeeeaaassss!

  2. Well done. You have made a friend for life. We adopted a dog in Nigeria who traveled with us for many years as a faithful companion. He died in Venezuela but not before we adopted a tiny little abandoned puppy. She lived with us for 14 years and sadly went to sleep forever yesterday. She was tough as old boots, clever, independent and a true personality. Enjoy your time with Chops, fleas, ticks and all.

    1. I am sorry to hear about your loss but glad you got to spend so much time together. I am sure Chops and I will have many adventures and hopefully little fleas.

  3. Such an awesome story with an happy ending. Chops is very lucky to have met you that saved his life and now you are friends for life. 🙂

    I’ve been volunteering in a dog shelter in Thailand for a month, I made so many furry friends and I wish I could take them all with me, one day when I stop in a place maybe.. I wish, I hope.

    1. Indeed he just came along for my morning stroll and seemed to have fun. I boiled him a whole fish last night and it was the happiest I’ve seen him!

      Enjoy the shelter!

  4. Chops looks lovely. I also rescued one of the street dog here in Bali which was a hit and run victim. She was dying so I took her to animal hospital. She’s now well and lives with me at home…..with other 5 stray dogs that I adopted after her. Seems like I can’t stop myself from helping the injured street dogs out there, lol

  5. Rob you’re awesome for helping this little guy out and Chops is a perfect name.
    Great way to pay travel kindness forward.
    I wish you guys many adventures, lots of fun and look forward to guest posts from Chops.

  6. As a big fan of the canine breeds (got 2 sleeping on the floor in the office as I type just now), hats off to you for taking Chops in. Both our dogs are rescues from animal shelters, and you’ve done a wonderful thing by giving this dog a chance. Great that you’ve got a commitment from another local to look after him when your itchy feet inevitably draw you away at times. Looking forward to hearing of your joint adventures. I recall seeing the random dogs on LCI, and Scot & Kristine over at LCBB have been quite good to the island’s 4-legged inhabitants too. Onward and upward…

    1. Indeed!

      So far he has really earned his keep as he likes sleeping outside the guesthouse where I live. He takes pride in keeping the gated area in which he lives safe from all those that don’t pass his sniff test.

      They are happy to have him and he is thrilled about his new gig. Been boiling Pagi and the odd mahi mahi head for him, he’s stoked and looking better everyday.

      Good call on the adoption, win win!

  7. Yer goin’ to heaven bro. I did the same for a cat once but I’ve already been told by those who should know that act alone won’t be enough for the likes of me….

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