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How to Plan a Romantic Couples Getaway

One of the top reasons why couples break up is because they don’t pay enough attention and take each other for granted.

They fall into a routine, get stuck in a rut, and don’t do anything together. 

That’s why a couples getaway is the perfect way to show you love and appreciate your significant other. Not only are you doing something special for them, but you are showing you want to spend time with them and make memories together.

Who wouldn’t want to be surprised with a trip to Rosewood Mayakoba or another luxurious resort on the Riviera Maya? It’s getaways like this that you and your partner will remember forever.

So, follow this guide when you plan a couples vacation to ensure you consider everything and you both have a romantic, amazing trip! Also make sure you put in the right amount of effort and make it romantic enough, if not it could backfire.

If you and your special someone are looking to take a romantic couples getaway, then look no further than this guide for a few tips on how to plan your trip.

Listen to Your Partner’s Desires

The perfect romantic getaway is a weekend trip to Paris with an expensive hotel suite, buckets of champagne, and a boat ride on the Seine, right?

Not if your partner hates water and was saving that money for a house deposit, it isn’t. Before you get too deep into vacation planning, consider what your partner would want out of a couples getaway.

If they’ve been having a stressful time at work, they might relish a relaxing weekend at a spa or in the mountains. But if they’ve been feeling restless, ticking off an adventurous bucket list experience might be exactly the thing they need.

Listen to your partner’s wants and needs and use that as a jumping-off point.

Decide on Your Ideal Budget

Money can be a sticking point in a relationship and that’s understandable. Because if you’re planning this trip without your partner’s direct input, they won’t be 100% aware of what you are spending.

You don’t want to take your loved one away on a luxury couples getaway for them to worry about how much money you spent the whole time.

So, don’t take any money out of your joint accounts. Work out your ideal budget and save a little from your paycheck each month. Whether you book an adult party house close to home or a resort in Mexico, you can have a wonderful trip on any budget.

Choose a Romantic Destination

With a loose idea of what your partner wants and how much you are going to spend, the next step is to choose a destination. 

Decide whether you want to visit a city, the countryside, or a mix of both. Would your partner prefer the beach or the mountains and do they prefer hot or cold weather? Asking the right questions will help you narrow down your choices.

Here are some romantic destinations (both in the US and abroad) for inspiration:

  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Napa Valley, California
  • Providence, Rhode Island
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Venice, Italy
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Kyoto, Japan

You can tweak many of these locations to fit your partner’s desires.

For example, you might like the idea of visiting Venice because you and your partner both like Italian food and it’s by the sea. But if you don’t want to visit a busy city, you could visit the Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre instead.

Pick the Most Romantic Hideaway

Accommodation is, without a doubt, the most important part of planning a couples getaway. You could plan a whole trip around an A-frame cabin in Colorado found on this website or a luxury penthouse apartment in the heart of a busy city. But no matter which you choose, the key elements to look for are privacy, comfort & romance.

You won’t regret spending a large chunk of your budget on your accommodation. You should be spending most of your time there anyway!

Choose somewhere comfortable, quiet, with excellent reviews. Find a place with a little something extra like a hot tub, balcony, double swing chairs, or great view to make it special.

Take Care of All the Trip Planning Details

The last thing your partner wants to do on a couples vacation is to worry about what you are going to eat or do because you weren’t organized.

You need to plan everything.

Make dinner reservations or pack groceries for your cabin. Plan an itinerary and make bookings as appropriate. If you want to go hot air ballooning, you will need to book this in advance but if you’re visiting a museum then you likely don’t need to book. 

Buy travel insurance and apply for visas as necessary. Book airport transfers or fill up your gas tank. Go the extra mile and buy a nice outfit for your partner if you have reservations for a fancy restaurant.

But you should also leave room in your schedule to relax on a couples getaway. You want to have lie-ins and cozy nights indoors together as well as memorable activities.

Don’t Make It a Total Surprise

Imagine this: your partner has booked a long weekend skiing in Vail and you’re leaving tomorrow. What is your reaction?

It’s likely positive at first, as most people would love a weekend skiing in Colorado. But what if you can’t take the time off work at short notice? And what if those ski pants you bought ten years ago don’t fit anymore?

Surprise trips are great, but not if you’re unloading logistical problems onto your partner at the same time. Give them these key pieces of information beforehand:

  • Dates
  • Rough location
  • Weather
  • Activities (if applicable)

Then, they will be able to keep those dates free and know what to pack for the trip.

How much information you give away about the activities depends on what they are. If you are going hiking, they will need to pack hiking boots. But if you are going wine-tasting, you can likely keep this a surprise.

You could also drop a vague hint about the trip every day for a week leading up to it.

That’s How to Plan the Perfect Couples Getaway

There is no “one size fits all” when planning a couples getaway and no blueprint you can follow. But if you understand your partner’s needs and think of every detail, then you’re sure to have a romantic vacation that you will remember forever.

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