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Employee Engagement Ideas: 5 Tips to Bring the Fun Back to Work

Did you know that researchers have found that happy employees are 13% more productive? This is not because they end up working more but because they accomplish more in the same amount of time.

If your employees are satisfied, happy, and content, they procrastinate less and work optimally. So how do you get your team focused and more engaged? 

We will discuss a few great activities to bring the fun back to work. From virtual team trivia to group lunches, interactive events can skyrocket your workers’ well-being and happiness.      

We take a look at some great employee engagement ideas to bring the fun back to your work. From office trivia and fun facts to group lunches, read more today.

1. Trivia Pizza Lunches

Why not bring the best of both worlds together? That’s right. Have pizza lunches or parties, with a bit of light trivia competition thrown in.

Who doesn’t love facts and bragging about all that knowledge stored inside their skulls? It’s also good to have a healthy dose of competition roaring between your employees.

2. Ice Cream Socials

Even if your employees are all adults, that doesn’t mean that they need to be staid and serious about life. They can relax, let loose, and have fun like they used when they were children. How about holding some ice cream socials where you bring in an ice cream truck, and let your employees slurp ice cream while they converse with their colleagues about everything under the hot sun?

3. Celebrate Your Employees

There are probably many instances where your employees go over and beyond their line of duty and impress everyone around them. Why not celebrate these moments by doing a shoutout through email or even holding regular get-togethers to do so? It will also motivate your employees to hold themselves up to a higher standard.

4. Volunteer Together

Who doesn’t feel great about themselves when being kind or doing something good for someone else?

It’s even better when you get to give back to the world with your employer backing you up. That’s why holding regular volunteer days at the office, where the entire office gathers together to give back by cooking at a soup kitchen or planting trees, is an awesome way to boost employee wellbeing. When doing a volunteer day it is important to understand the benefits of tracking volunteer hours you can then credit your employees with real-time figures of the amount of volunteering they have completed. 

5. Pull Together an Office Social Committee

If you don’t want to spend time thinking up ways to improve employee morale, then put together an office social committee, where employees themselves can work with a budget and come up with fun and interesting things for the whole office to participate in.

Be Creative When Coming up with Employee Engagement Ideas

Don’t think that you will need to have a huge budget for boosting employee wellbeing. There are many inexpensive employee engagement ideas out there. You just need to think outside the box.

Also, don’t be afraid to welcome suggestions or recommendations from your employees. They will know best what entertains them and makes them happy, after all.

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